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Check.gif   Adam Good S.T.O.P. Jesus says that Trinity is Blasphemy: John marks it as AntiChrist
Check.gif  Glenn Colley Father is God, Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is God
Check.gif  The Trinity -- Alexander Campbell   There was no Jesus, no Messiah, no Christ, no Son of God, no Only Begotten, before the reign of Augustus Cesar.
Why do religionists lie about tithes and offerings and laying by in store? To get your money, silly! You may read the REAL Bible Text and Discuss.


1Tim. 2:5 For there is ONE GOD, and one mediator between God and men,
        the MAN Christ Jesus;


John 10:33 The Jews answered him, saying,
        For a good work we stone thee not;
        and because that thou, being a MAN, MAKEST THYSELF GOD.

Jesus proved numerous times that He Spoke only what His Father Breathed (spirit is never a people) without measure or METRON including musical meter never supplied by God.

John 10:36 Say ye of him, whom the Father hath sanctified, and SENT into the world,
        because I said, I AM the Son of God?

After Jews was baptized the fluttering of the "dove" produced the confession that THIS IS MY BELOVED SON.

g37. hagiazo, hag-ee-ad΄-zo; from 40; to make holy, i.e. (ceremonially) purify or consecrate; (mentally) to venerate: — hallow, be holy, sanctify.
A holy spirit by REQUEST only at baptism which caused Jesus to be sanctified is:
g40. hagios, hag΄-ee-os; from hagos (an awful thing) (compare 53, 2282); sacred (physically, pure, morally blameless or religious, ceremonially, consecrated): — (most) holy (one, thing), saint
They will be MARKED for Avoidance by the Pattern and Command of Jesus:

John 20:17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father:
        but go to my brethren, and say unto them,
        I ascend unto MY FATHER, and YOUR FATHER; and to MY GOD and your God.

John 20:21 Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you:
as my Father hath
SEND me, even so SEND I you.

God made certain that the early churches did not camp out in Jerusalem which He called Sodom but dispersed them. Be wary of those who try to collect and collectivize

C. Leonard Allen and Trinity as Basphemy and Antichrist

Recently Posted Reviews
  Jesus said that Doctors of the Law Take Away the Key to Knowledge. Speaking of the Instrumental-Trinitarian-Perverted model of the Song of Solomon at Mount Sinai, Judes says that they are FOREORDAINED.
The Pattern for Progressive Churches lying about the "law of tithes and offerings."

Plutarch Antony XXIV.1.
In 41 B.C. But when he was once come into Asia, having left Lucius Censorinus governor in Greece, and that he had felt the riches and pleasures of the east parts, and that princes, great lords, and kings, came to wait at his gate for his coming out: and that queens and princesses, to excel one another, gave him very rich presents,
        and came to see him, curiously setting forth themselves,
        and using all art that might be to shew their beauty, to win his favour
the more (Caesar in the mean space turmoiling [troubling] his wits and body

        in civil Wars at home,
        Antonius living merrily and quietly abroad), he easily fell again to his old licentious life.

For straight, [following the pattern]
        one Anaxenor, [40 years B.C. Priest of Zeus]  a player of the cithern [Lute guitarist],
        Xoutus, a player of the flute,
        Metrodorus a tumbler, [orkhēstēs DANCER - Jay's Guin's Pattern
        and such a rabble of minstrels and
        FIT MINISTERS  for the pleasures of Asia [thia^s-os  Bacchic revel, rout “Mousōn]
                (who in fineness and flattery passed all the other plagues
                he brought with him out of Italy),
                all these flocked in his court, and bare the whole sway: and after that all went awry.

For every one gave themselves to riot and excess, when they saw he delighted in it: and all Asia was like to the city Sophocles speaketh of in one of his tragedies:

        Was full of sweet perfumes and pleasant songs,  [The church invaders]
        With woeful weeping mingled there-amongs.       [Those being invaded]
Eph. 5:17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the WILL of the Lord is.
Eph. 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;
John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing:
        the WORDS that I speak unto you, they are SPIRIT, and they are life.

huperballō  1. outdo, excel, surpass, overpower hu. ton kairon exceed reasonable bounds, shoot beyond
la^mu^r-ia    A.“lamuros” 111) wantonness, of women, Plu.Sull.35, Luc.6; of a man, Id.Ant.24; pertness 
bōmolokh-ia , ,   A.mendicancy, Poll. 3.111.2. coarse jesting, buffoonery, ribaldry. Pl.R.606c, [As Opposed to the Public Into the Logos] Arist. EN1108a24, Plu.Lyc.12, etc. you take intense pleasure in buffooneries [
For in the city of Ephesus, WOMEN, attired as they go in the feasts and sacrifice of [Dionysus] Bacchus, [Wrath or Orgy]
        came out to meet him with such solemnities and ceremonies
        as are then used: with men and children disguised like fauns and satyrs.
        [Pans, Cappellas, Definition of Beasts]

Moreover, the city was full of ivy, and darts [SHAKEN REEDS]
        wreathed about with ivy, [HIDING A SPEAR]
        psalterions , flutes, and howboyes [hautboys]; [Oboe]
        and in their songs they called him Bacchus, father of mirth, courteous and gentle
                and so was he unto some,
                but to the MOST part of men cruel and extreme. [Savage]

For he robbed noblemen and gentlemen of their goods, [lied about tithes and offerings]
        to give it unto vile flatterers: [Religious staff were known as Parasites]
        who oftentimes begged living men's goods
        as though they had been dead,
        and would enter their houses by force. [Stealing Congregations: been there, done to three times]
                As he gave a citizen's house of Magnesia unto a cook,
                because (as it is reported) he dressed him a fine supper.
                In the end he doubled the taxation, and imposed a second upon Asia.

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A Church of Christ is for REST from religious spectacles by hire performers: it is defined as A School of the Word, Logos or Regulative Principle.

The Discipling Dilemma Again North Boulevard plans to begin planting 60,000 new institutions to replace existing Churches of Christ. It is about time: KAIROS time

The Kairos Church Planting Plot: diverting into instrumental music sectarians.

When the Jews came out of Egypt they LOST their favored status and God sentenced them to Assyria and Babylon for captivity and destruction. The SEED of the dispersed did not fall.


The practice in the wilderness, tyre and Jerusalem



Judas  was a thief: his bag or box was
always attached to the spotted flute case.

And God WATCHED the prophesied and fulfilled Musical Worship Team
Trumpet, drums, flute, cymbals and castinets with buffoons
Psallo permits ONLY smiting a string with your FINGERS: not a plectrum
Psallo and SOP have the same root meaning.


Revelation 18F: they are all called Sorcerers who HAD once deceived the whole world.

K.Rex.Butts.Spiritual.Sickness.of.Sectarianism.html  A Heretic was a Jewish priest who lifted up the lamb to cut its throat: the Levites using music to make the lambs dumb before the slaughter was called a PARASITE

  lead in by one's side, bring forward, introduce, of persons brought into a public assembly, 2. with a notion of secrecy, p. tous Galatas eis Eruka introduce, admit them into the city, Plb.2.7.8, cf. 1.18.3introduce into a poem or narrative, “kindunous” [Catamite] introduce doctrines, customs, “haireseis” 2 Ep.Pet. 2.1 :—Pass., “mousikēn pareisēkhthai tois anthrōpois

History notes that "evil men set their lies to melodies to deceive the simple minded,"
Mousi^kos  A.musical, “agōnes m. kai gumnikoi
II. of persons, skilled in music, musical, professional musicians, mousikos kai melōn poētēs
III. of things, elegant [psallo to carry away a victim from their family], delicate, “brōmata hēdion  kuknōn Swan Metaphor , minstrel, bard, sacred to Apollon, Abaddon

melos , speaks of MUSICAL MELODY: it means to break a text "limb by limb" or dismember. Cantillation is breaking the text into syllables and the SPEAKING it which is the opposite of ODE. 2. music to which a song is set, tune, Arist.Po.1450a14; WITHOUT rhuthmos, WITHOUT metron 3. melody of an instrument, “phormigx [ Apoollon's lyre at Jerusalem] d' au phtheggoith' hieron = [used sacrifice of a victim to Apollon at Jersalem] m. ēde kai aulos”
Sacrifice of Jesus at Jerusalem: they shall MOCK Him with Instruments.

PSALLO never in recorded history meant tuneful melody: God is not dumb..
North Atlanta Church of Christ adds Instruments as Planned.
 This is part of Pepperdine's Jeff Walling working with the NACC to "transistion" peaceable churches into the instrumental sect called the world or ECUMENICAL as the kingdom of Satan.

Madison Church of Christ Russ Corley Acts building on the foundation of the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites whose job was instrumental soothsaying or sorcery. First notes:

Harpeth Hills Church of Christ Instrumental Music
Worship Ministers are Hierophants or Demons as the mediators between superstitious and fleeced people and their Gods. Musical worship at Sinai was defined as fellowshiping DEMONS

Religious Musicians (made loud noise) were always the pagan-Jewish mediators between the gods and men. They frightened away the evil spirits of the dung-god Baalzebul and claimed to attract good DEMONS.
2Chronicles 11:15 And he ordained him priests for the high places, and for the devils, and for the calves which he had made.
Chris Smith claims that God Commands Instrumental Music in Worship.
The elders claim that God led them to sow massive discord.

North American Christian Convention does not speak for its people when it organizes to "transistion" the congregations of others into an instrumental group. God hates music in the holy places (Amos 8) and He hates sowing discord.  Those "used" by the NACC are not aware that there is no command, example or remote inference of God violating His own REST by calling people into an assembly for group singing with or without instruments. The fact is that the "nut is under neither shell."  All musical terms are connected to sorcery and to burning. the father-mother of the Feminist sowing of division. 
Hoyt Roberson Roles of Women: Hoyt is gate keeper as Grace Centered Magazine Forum screening out all text.

Reviewed Gilbert Bilezikian, 

Jeanene Reese: a directive that “counteracts a patriarchal culture, which would command the wife instead.” Evans notes that the word “cleave” used in Gen 2:24 “is used almost universally for a WEAKER cleaving to a stronger.

THE truth or Word or LOGOS is the Regulative Principle: there are no male nor female PERFORMING roles nor dole.

Bible And History

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of vocal or instrumental rejoicing or rhetoric-a law to silence the lawless.
INCLUSIVE of Rest, Reading and Rehearsing the Word only delivered from Moses.

The Synagogue after Edersheim
The Synagogue by John Calvin who called for a Restoration of the Church of Christ.

C. Leonard Allen Lipscomb University Theology Shift
"Theology" applies only to the promotion of the teachings of Abaddon or Apollyon.  Peter outlaws private interpretation meaning further expounding. Paul did not corrupt the Word (logos) meaning selling your learning at retail which word also means prostitution.
C. Leonard Allen the TRINITY  The new environment that many like to call “postmodern” is aiding the recovery of a robust and sounder Trinitarian faith and practice

John says that the name of the Comforter (Paraklete) is Jesus Christ the Righteous. He says that if you deny that One God and One Human Mediator you are ANTICHRIST.

K.C.Moser Lectures at Lipscomb University
  Divina defines a sorcerceress, hag, moon goddess.
Brian D. McLaren the Secret Message of Jesus Summer Celebration 2008 looking for guidance on homosexuality.
Summer Separation 2012 Ignatian Retreats
Spiritual Formation, Summer Celebration 2013:  refutes Christ plan to regenerate the Spirit by Baptism and the Word (only) Contrary to the Mother Goddesses, the WORD or LOGOS of God is the Regulative Principle and is opposite either male or
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Recently Posted Reviews

Parasites: all religious operatives such as the Priests and Levites were called Parasites. A parasite specificially identifies speakers, singers, instrument players and actors.

Matt Dabbs: Navigating Changes in Churches of Christ The feminist-effeminate agenda

The Abomination of Desolation: first defined as the instrumental-trinitarian worship at Mount Sinai.

Psalm 59 making a noise like a dog: Marking the invasion of the musical soul snatchers.

The Stone Campbell Movement Lies about Recorded History for Hire.

Matt Dabbs: The Unity of the Spirit The Jesus Pattern: The Way Which They Call A Sect:  Refuted by: Matt Dabbs, Patrick Mead, Jay Guin, Mark Powell, John Mark Hicks: OF is a preposition: the Spirit OF God is His BREATH. The Father breathed (only Apollon) the Word without METRON or meter.  That's why there is no musical meter from God. Therefore, those who assault peaceable people with the Mark of the Beast are driven by University-spread use of your IMAGINATION to fill in the presumed "silences."

Jude warning about the PATTERN of the instrumental-trinitarian-female led idolatry at Mount Sinai for which there was no redemption:
The Bible and Located-hired preaching in Church History.  Constantine bought the church and began paying unwashed bishops and robbed the pagan temples.

The History of Hired Preachers Usurping the Christ-Ordained Elders. Poor Priests as the Church of Christ went everywhere preaching and building schools.

The History of Vocal and Instrumental "worship" Apostasy
BY REQUEST and an E-Mail Discussion

Hohenwald, TN, Great House, Dream Farm 115 Acres, Timber,  Development Potential, springs, waterfalls, deer and turkey in front yard, view.

David Young Extreme Discipleship Claims answer to prayer: shades of Boston?

The Bible and Located-hired preaching in Church History.  Constantine bought the church and began paying unwashed bishops and robbed the pagan temples.

The History of Hired Preachers Usurping the Christ-Ordained Elders. Poor Priests as the Church of Christ went everywhere preaching and building schools.

The History of Vocal and Instrumental "worship" Apostasy

7.02.14 DISCUSSION without using your name: Doctors of the Law and Simony.
  Jesus said that they take away the Key to Knowledge. He called the Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites. In Ezekiel 33 Christ named self-speakers for hire, singers and instrument players.  These are the Spirit's definition of NOTHING AT ALL because it proves that neither STAFF nor paying audience intend to listen to the Word nor obey it. The Word is the Logos or God's Regulative Principle.  Simony only works if you refute the Word.

David Young North Boulevard EX-Church of Christ PREDESTINATION: Saying that God predestined any individual to go to heaven (even when lying as a professsion) or your sweet daughter to burn in hell just to prove SOVEREIGNTY (hyper-Calvinism not a Bible term) or that He is  the ALPHA MALE is Satanic because it Accuses God with being infinitely more evil than Adolph Hitler who could only burn your body.  It is also a LYING WONDER caused by STRONG DELUSIONS because even with a doctorate preachers cannot read BLACK TEXT on BROWN PAPER.  Rather than lying about God commanding instrumental music, 2 Corinthians 3 proves that one does not have A HOLY SPIRIT or A human spirit WASHED from being an UNholy spirit or mind. David uses the threat that IF his audience is PREDESTINED they will WANT to be baptized by his hands so that they can get A holy spirit where David and the "scholars" think that god's BREATH is another person without "who" God cannot do anything.

LISTEN AND COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED. HERE   You don't have to expose yourself. If you have already done the CONFESSIONAL thingy you may be hand-tied.

North Boulevard Church The Discipling Dilemma 2014 Lipscomb University continues the "Drum Beat" of inviting false teachers who have moved beyond Scripture to say that God COMMANDS instrumental music.  The Disipling Dilemma (ICOC, Boston, Crossroads, Lynn Anderson).  We will review David Young's selective book on Mark but ignores those passages which repudiate the Scribes and Pharisees Jesus called hypocrites. In Isaiah 6 and Ezekiel 30 Christ names self-preaching for pay, singers and instrument players. The MARK is of people who refuse to teach the Word or lying about it for pay. After taking lots of my money they refuse to respond.

5/10/2-- The KAIROS Time has truly come
SEE ceni COMMANDS, EXAMPLES, INFERENCES and discuss  This has brought up a lot of discussion of the Great God Pan (all, play) as the pagan father of the pagan trinities. This is the meaning of Abaddon or Apollyon as the king and leader of the Muses (worship teams with or without instruments) defined clearly as the LOCUSTS in a progressive church near you. Jesus doesn't pray for the World or Kosmos or the universities COSMIC WORSHIP.

See and Discuss Paul's warning against Myths, Jewish Fables and Yarns spun into sermons
The command from the wilderness onward was to PREACH the Word by  READING the Word for comfort and Doctrine. The Word or Logos is defined as the Regulative Principle.

Rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting, dancing, clapping or pleading for money is defined as IMPURE RELIGION.  Planning time and money of the disciples defines as a CULT.

David Young Minister, LU, North Boulevard Church of Christ. ---- if you say that NOT violating the command against vocal or instrumental rejoicing in the Church of Christ (the Rock) in the wilderness is just YOUR TRADITION 20 times Kairos has landed. 

David says that HIS Elders Approve of "Instrumental Worship" and we get no response.  added notes on the Female Praise Team which is a defacto INSTRUMENTAL performance band.

His Elders Claiming Unity in Diversity ---  IF you have APT elders the command in Ephesians 4 is to cast out the cunning craftsmen or sophists. Why? God HIDES from the Wise or Sophists who are rhetoricians (little Bible), singers, instrument players or actors.

Paul wants the elders in Ephesians 4 to stop the rhetoricians, singers and instrument players  because THEY LIE IN WAIT TO DECEIVE.

Jesus warned that doctors of the Law (Scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites, rhetoricians, singers, instrument players Ezek 33) and the end time Kings for a Day or Keynoters deny that they are limited by any command, example or inference.

See Rubel Shelly and the rejecting God as LOGOS through Jesus Christ only: the LOGOS is the Regulative Principle and is the opposite of preaching beyond READING and discussing the Word for Comfort and Doctrine, singing, playing instruments, acting and the consequence defined by Paul in Romans 1 of a giant revival of the Gender-Variant priesthoods.

  Read and Discuss or refute Music as the MARK OF THE BEAST: right on time at the beginning of the 6th day prophesied in many cultures related to the position of the Earth in the Galaxy Elipctic. Proves that Music where God demands SILENCE in His temple where musicians were to be executed is THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Men who are Purpose Driven will not repent and cannot repent but Christ in Isaiah 30 and Jesus in Revelation 19 says the SORCERERS will be sent to hell or cast alive into the lake of fire.

Read and Discuss why Musical or Rhetorical performers are CALLED CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL: Jesus said  "they speak on their own."

THE LEADERSHIP We ask the church to join US in seeking to enjoy here on earth the great diversity of people who will worship God in heaven in the hereafter.

If God did NOT command instruments in the School of Christ and Scripture proves it.

Then those promoting instrumental music meaning "to make the lambs dumb before the slaughter are defined by one example of Christ in Jeremish 23 as BLASPHEMERS because they despise the Word or Logos or God's Regulative Principle OUTLAWING anything produced out of the mind of man.

John T. Willis Women in Worship Highland Church of Christ.
One would think that Willis had never read any of the Bible: theologians tend to feed on theologians.  However, the fact is that he may not care what Scripture says since they set up COUNCILS to decide what they began planning in 1950. These people do not grasp that Paul silenced both male and female so that "everyone might be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth." He continues to deny what the theologians claim: that both male and female thought that their wrath or orgy was proof that "a" spirit was revealing the truth to them.

John T. Willis Topsy-Turvy on Instrumental Worship

John T. Willis is part of the ACU stated Purpose as to restructure all of the ANTI-instrumental churches of Christ. Jesus said that doctors of the law take away the key to knowledge. All Biblical knowledge has been lost as Highland Church of Christ (which fed the non-institutional sowing of discord) is adding Instrumental "worship" as soon as they can convert the sanctuary into a Theater for Holy Entertainment.

Brandon Scott Thomas of the Zoe (Eve, Venus)
movement will fulfill prophecy and introduce the rise of the Mother Goddess worship
. Zoe is defined as the BEAST and female instructing principle.  The BEAST in revelation is defined as A New Style of Music and Drama. Plato noted that when you see this happening people INTEND to change the LAWS.

Updade 9.20.12  Grace Centered Magazine:   Who will NOT be "In My Father's House."

John 17:14 I have given them thy word;
        and the world hath hated them,
        because they are not of the world,
        even as I am not of the world.
John 17:22 And the glory which thou gavest me
         I have given them;
        that they may be one, even as we are one:
2Timothy 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly
        in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
Jer 23:17 They say still unto them that despise me,
        The Lord hath said, Ye shall have peace;
        and they say unto every one that walketh
        after the imagination of his own heart,
        No evil shall come upon you.

Christ the Spirit spoke through the Prophets. If you command what He has not commanded you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit of Christ  Your own imagination is evil

Jesus doesn't pray for the WORLD: that is the Kosmos or adorning world of ancient paganism. Jesus said that God HIDES Himself from the wise: the wise are the sophists meaning speakers, singers and instrument players who use deception to steal your church and soul
Max Lucado. Index of Articles.
Max Lucado Creed
Baptism is our pledge only
The Thief on the Cross
Saved by Trust Only
Romans 6 and baptism
Proof Texts from a Lexicon on music used to deceive his elders-who cannot retreat.

The Worship Team under the PATTERN of the Levites is prophetic: The Levites volunteered to execute 3,000 of the brethren who had engaged in musical idolatry at Mount Sinai
The COMMAND in 2 Chronicles 29 is that the Levites stand in military ranks.
They made noise to warn any godly person that they would be EXECUTED if they came near.
The pattern is SOOTHSAYERS with INSTRUMENTAL backup.  John 18 calls Them SORCERERS with instrumental backup.
Violent men take the Kingdom by Violence laded burdens are songs
The Kingdom of God does not come by Religious Observations.
Salvation by Grace Through Faith and not by our WORKS: Rhetoric, song writing, music performance

Rick Atchley-Chris Seidman:
The Levites were commanded to EXECUTE anyone who came near any holy place during the slaughter of innocent animals which were NOT commanded by God.  How we won your children!
They never heard the sermons we heard.
They never heard the rationale for a cappella music.
We sent them to youth rallies and Church of Christ events
with some of the finest Christian bands in the world.
        We discipled our children to leave our Movement!”

Charles Dailey Instrumental Music  In Worship.
If you claim that God commanded instrumental music at any time or place.
And God did not command instrumental music as worship at any time or place.
Christ The Spirit in Jeremiah 23 says that you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit.
Jay Guin Review:  just again' anything Church of Christ. Will not defend his teachings.
Grace Centered Magazine:  4.01 11. The process of the Serpent: O.Idiot

The Progressive Church of Christ: fulfilling the Babylon Mother of harlot (Revelation 17).
Matthew 28 defines worship--true and false--and the CENI principle accepted by all historic scholars.
John 16. When the Spirit Christ Reproves the World .

Jack Cottrell, The Holy Spirit's Work in conversion.

Hear the Shofar to prove that the Jews didn't make music in the hillbilly churchy sense
Where I got my Shofar : looks great, easy to blow
Judaica gifts and Shofar Store

SEARCH MP3 information HELP
Search Pipe organ, Dulcimer,

Jay Guin etal at ONEINJESUS Jay substitutes opinion for the Word of Christ
King Solomon's Temple   Lipscomb Summer Celebration 2008: Randy Harris, Gary Holloway and Rhonda Lowry: Growing Deeper: a look at contemplative spiritual.  You may be interested in learning about the occult for your church.


Johannes Quasten, verifies all of our claims that NEO-PAGANISM infiltrates all Music-Centered churches.
Music & Wiorship in Pagan and Christian Antiquity
Biblical and historical reviews of people demanding that we restore the Old Testament as patternism for church worship and government? 

REVIEW:   Romans 14. Review of Ronnie Norman's use to justify permitting that which Paul excluded.
REVIEW:  The Mark of the Beast.  Are there slear proofs that music MARKS the THOUGHT and WORSHIP with the HANDS?
REVIEW: Ronnie Norman using 2 Chronicles 5 Solomon's Ark Moving ritual as authority for imposing musical instruments.

REVIEW: Ronnie Norman: Matthew 7 Judge Not that ye be not judged  specificially points to the Scribes and Pharisees as hypocrites Jesus identifies as performance speakers, singers and instrument players. First Colony Church of Christ and instrumental music discord.
REVIEW: Terry Rush defending Instrumental Music.

Ex-Church of Christ Review  NEW 4.27.08 What is a Sectarian, What is the Pythian Spirit
Hyper-Calvinism in the Church: Engedi Ministries Exposed

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." ~ J. Edgar Hoover

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