Michael C. Armour Church of Christ in Ukraine

Mike Armour: The church of Christ in Ukraine: Bammel Church of Christ BLANKETS the church of Christ in Ukraine with Mike Armour. Mike Armour teaches the CHANGE AGENT Hegel or Marx ridicule of churches of Christ for not going "musical" or PAGAN and holding on to Baptism as necessary. The purveyors of Mike Armor is the Eastern European Missions which we regret seems to have gone with the post-biblical flow.

There was never any form of MUSIC in the Old or New Testament connected to the people's congregational worship. Music was called NOISE in and around the temple and it was related to the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocent animals.

This was the carnal type of the murder of Jesus which would be performed by the priestly class with the same Levitical Warrior musicians MOCKING Jesus even to the cross.

In all pagan "worship" music was the arena of women flute-players or prostitutes and male, catamites.

Therefore, you must understand that a church of Christ does not EVER use instruments or choirs or "teams" to perform for the people as "audience."

See our review of Mike Armour's poor grasp of non-instrumental churches of Christ.

See our review of ramblings against NOT using instrumental music. This runs on and on and on and we have not looked at all of it. Mike does not represent churches of Christ or the historical Christian system which never had any use for MUSIC to prop up the preachers.

Mike Armour Trumps the Holy Spirit

"We see it as more than 80,000 Russian families have asked us for Bibles."

However, in the Ukraine

Lack of basic Biblical understanding, textual study is difficult. One of the most effective tools we have is the book, "Newcomer's Guide to the Bible," authored by Mike Armour.

See Mike Armour a Leader promoting the Disciples Denomination. Note that the Disciples has a leader defined much like the Catholic Church.

The ecumenical world regards the GMP as

"head of communion" and as the

chief representative of the church in national and world ecumenical councils.

Disciples often speak of the GMP as the Disciples' primary leader.

The Outcome of the Movement is the takeover of non-instrumental churches of Christ by Instrumentalists.

The purpose of this review is to tell the people of the World that the views of Mike Armour are not the views of the church of Christ as it has always existed under that name. From the name of the "serpent" in the garden of Eden to the same Satan as the end- time Babylon Harlot system (Revelation 18) "MUSIC" has always been Satan's invention to silence the Word of God. The synagogue or Hebrew "Qahal" or "Ekklesia" in the Septuagint (LXX) or Greek version was the "church in the wilderness." The two silver trumpets were given to signal movements including warfare. When the Qahal or Synagogue met--only for instructions--the meaning of TRIUMPH or ALARM was not to be used. This excluded blowing instruments and "making a joyful noise before the Lord."

The Tabernacle did not include instruments and when Israel's elders "fired" God so that they could live and worship "like the nations," God had already "turned them over to worship the starry host" (Stephen in Acts 7 and throughout the Old Testament).

No Levitical musician among the Jews nor in the vilest pagan temple would dare to enter the Holy Place as a carnal type of the church of Christ. The music which is always called "noise" was outside where they would later MOCK Jesus as the fulfillment of all of their animal slaughter with the burning accompanied by the instruments David as king and the commanders of the army had ADDED for the civil rituals.

The people's "congregation" was shut out of this civil ritual. However,

'If you repeat a lie often enough, the public will believe it'. Goebels

Of course, before Goebels, Adolph Hitler had made a similar pronouncement. A grandson of Richard Wagner wrote about how all tyrants must make use of music.

"Richard Wagner was the unofficial court composer of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler said that "Whoever wants to understand National Socialistic Germany must know Wagner." Hitler's appropriation of the Bayreuth Wagner Festival was to serve his own cultural propaganda purposes. Wagner was a cultural hero for Hitler and his Nazis.

"The strains of Wagner were played during the Nazis' book-burning ceremonies and when concentration camp prisoners were about to be put to death. Nazi Germany's main defense fortification was called the "Siegfried Line," after the mythic hero in Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung.

As part of the Armour group, Rubel Shelly preaches that the "Musical worship team leads the congregation into the presence of God." Of course, that repudiates the role of Lord Jesus Christ Who DIED to get that role which only God can perform.

Since Mike Armour repudiates a return to the First Century church for its "pattern" then it becomes easy to REPLACE Jesus with the same "musical teams" used to MOCK Jesus trying to pervert Him to prove that He conformed to the Zeus- Dionysus perverted gods and worship in the temple.

And if you want to understand the Purpose Driven Cultish churches of Christ in the Mega-Churches you have to LISTEN to their songs. Like the singers and players around the Jerusalem temple and the prophesied end-time Babylon Whore worship, you will hear truly EROTIC praise songs trying to get in bed with God or "dare to dance with Him." And if you want to know what replaced the DIRECT COMMAND OF PAUL about using "that which is written" you must understand the "awakenings" on the wild frontier which were much like Devil worship. And their new praise hymns were forged in sentimental, effeminate poetry and empowered by VOODOO.

In The Organ in Reformed Worship Part Two:

"As absurd as this may seem to us today, it was nevertheless a common belief in Protestant churches a hundred years ago that

the organist was divinely inspired to lead and guide the congregation through the aesthetic worship experience into the presence of God,

and that his feelings and taste were superior to those of the congregation.

When the American Guild of Organists was established in 1896, their declared object was not to improve standards of playing and professional conduct, but to impress upon their members that organists had a divine function to perform.

Of course Mike Armour is co-worker with the DISCIPLES in trying to force non-instrumental churches of Christ to AFFIRM and FELLOWSHIP instrumental churches. References in this review were published by the DISCIPLES. So WHY is Mike Armour the replacement for the Bible in once non- instrumental churches of Christ?

By his views AGAINST the Biblical practice for teaching with instrumental MUSIC totally condemned from cover to cover, and defense of the DISCIPLES pro instrumental stance, Mike Armour has no more trouble co-working with the Disciples than any Disciple would have.

Therefore, Mike Armour does not speak for churches of Christ. Nor does he fairly represent the Bible now "pared away" by the Core Gospel which, as you will see, rejects APOSTOLIC examples while MISquoting Thomas Campbell WHO ABSOLUTELY INSISTS on APOSTOLIC TEACHING.

Two things hit my computer and mail recently: First was my letter from Eastern European Missions from Bammel Road church of Christ, and then a cry for help lamenting the fact that Bammel Road church of Christ or Bammel Church of Christ seemed to be falling into the end-time purpose driven cult. The EEM letter seemed to think that using MY money to promote MIKE ARMOUR would not jeopordize my support from the beginning of EEM. They were wrong.

We truly hope that this group will rethink its future.

The following CRY FOR HELP was posted on a Concerned Members Forum where individual members can express their concerns as the Purpose Driven Cult takes over non-instrumental churches of Christ. Some claim to "infiltrate and divert" so CUNNINGLY that it takes years for people to wake up.

Bammel Church of Christ in Houston, Tx

October 29 2002 at 8:32 AM "Anonymous" posted to Concerned Members.

"Change agents have hit Bammel Church of Christ in Houston, Tx. This has been going on for the past 20 + years. I use to attend there but no longer because of this. They have a praise team and the men are having some kind of Power Breakfasts and they hold a mens prayer time in "a COMMUNITY room". They have their "connection groups" meeting in homes on Sunday night and throughout the week.

The idea of singing praise songs to the gods is one of the oldest and most legalistic pagan practices. The purpose was "to lead the worshipers into the presence of the gods" and to either convince or threaten the weak gods so that they didn't fail to deliver lots of lambs. This rears its first ugly head in Babylon. Praise singers were co-ministers of male and female prostitutes.

"They have once a year have a dedication for the new babies in the congregation. They have a woman as a minister to the women. I know there is more.

"They are starting a bible class teaching from the book "Experiencing God". Only 10 to this class. I was attending there for along time and didn't realize what was going on. Click to see Experiencing God which teaches people how they can be their own Moses or even superior Christ.

"They also have a class where they do majority of the time is singing of contemporary songs, and then they have a little time for a very short devotional.

This is happening also to Spring Woodlands Church of Christ in the "Woodlands, Tx where we use to attend as well.

"They are fixing to build a 10 million + dollar building up north somewhere. They have their praise teams standing in front of the audience singing their solos and clapping their hands. This frightens me. It is nothing but the devils work.

"They have had 2 splits that I know of. This is more powering than Jim Jones and his cult. I can't believe how people can be so blind and deaf about what is going on in these churches. They are so wrapped up in being entertained.

My personal concern is that I have contributed in the past to the Eastern European Mission program which began distributing Bibles to the world. However, in what may be the end times you can no longer trust that your sacrifice for a new building is not a SCAM to get you to pay for what the leaders understand to be Infiltrating and Diverting you to building THEM "a theater for holy entertainment.

The recent letter from Eastern European Mission did a slick connection between Putin's comment and the urge to send money to PASTE Mike Armour all over "Russia" but going to the church of Christ in Ukraine.

Furthermore, Eastern European Ministry is a MINISTRY OF BAMMEL ROAD CHURCH OF CHRIST, HOUSTON. That was TOO much.

**********WE HAVE PULLED OUR SUPPORT!!!****************

Sending BIBLES used to be fun but teaching HERESY is one of those INFILTRATE, DIVERT AND TEACH FALSE DOCTRINE.

You may click to see a review of these Concerns about two churches. However,

A brief review of he Concerns about Bammel Church of Christ and Spring Woodland as the Concerned Member keeps seeking for a church which has not been diverted. Afterward, we will review the theology of MIKE ARMOR whose book replaces the Bible in Ukraine while the Russians apparently can read the Biblical Text.

As Madison rides on the back of Kregg Hood for teaching ABSOLUTE FALSEHOOD about tithing, Mike Armour spreads the MANTRA that the TRADITIONS drive the ANTI-INSTRUMENTAL views of the church of Christ. I will review one of his writings and get it posted soon.

For now, you should understand that EXPERIENCING GOD by Blackaby and King is "southern Baptist" but is repudiated by Baptists who ARE AWAKE AND HAVE THEIR CLOTHES ON.

This is NARRATIVE THEOLOGY. According to Rubel Shelly all of the Bible has been sifted through philosophy and the writer's PERSONAL AGENDA. However, the junk stuff is still available to make YOUR OWN Scripture through "new glasses" and VALIDATE it by your experience with your own new queer songs. This is part of the LATTER RAIN which at Jubilee 99 was dubbed LATTER REIGN seeking ways to ASSIST GOD as all PRAISE SINGING is an attempt to PROP UP A FAILING JESUS who did not bring the kingdom the first time.

Bammel Church of Christ Concerned Member: They are starting a bible class teaching from the book "Experiencing God". Only 10 to this class. I was attending there for along time and didn't realize what was going on.

Ten is about the right size. The scheme is to build a STALINIST core group and train them to believe that they are MOSES OR GOD OR A BETTER JESUS CHRIST.

Adolph Hitler picked and trained leaders who were INTELLECTUALS but the canon fodder he called HUMAN MATERIAL. The ELITE are at the center or Pitcher's Mound in the Purpose Driven Cult. Only those who have gone through the course and sign human covenants go on to become THE leaders while others stand at lesser BASES or in the outer circles.

Here is one review of Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby which tells you how you can be GREATER THAN Moses or even Jesus Christ.

Another look at Blackaby King here: if you want to be superior to JESUS CHRIST then just watch what will happen out of just a little class of INFILTRATORS AND DIVERTERS:

Bammel Church of Christ Concerned Member: Change agents have hit Bammel Church of Christ in Houston, Tx. This has been going on for the past 20 + years. I use to attend there but no longer because of this. They have a praise team and the men are having some kind of Power Breakfasts and they hold a mens prayer time in "a COMMUNITY room". They have their "connection groups" meeting in homes on Sunday night and throughout the week.

I have read Lynn Anderson boasting of taking may years to get Highland to sing during the Lord's Supper (more in our review of Mike Armour). Someone has noted that it took 15 years for him to make another change which is FORCED or there would be no objection.

And in the end the magical change which sows discord and offends many "little ones" is so that STRANGE guys can sing, clap even during the Lord's Supper. It is prophesied: it is in the BOOK.

At Madison church of Christ the CHANGE AGENT from a Purpose Driven Cult brags (and recorded) about upsetting old ladys to change HER views to HIS views. He speaks about allowing the people to believe that they are on a train going to one city but SECRETLY diverting the train to another city.

Rubel Shelly speaks of Machiavelli from the Prince to show why there is resistance to change:

The Machiavelli FAX of Life Resisting Change(From:Faith Matters)

I have added links to Machiavelli's Prince to assist you in understand the "Volkish" revival and the universal methods of change:

Machiavelli Prince Ch3-Ch6-Ch7

For comparison we will not some of Hitler's message about how to organize the "human" material (emotional) to be used by the elite (the rational) with music being important:

Hitler: Völkish State: Supporters (emotional) and Leaders (Intellectual)

Adolph Hitler Mein Kampf Vol 2, Ch5, Ch8, Ch11

Rubel Shelly of Woodmont Hills: the Bible, a Direct Revelation, life experience and an Accountability Family.

Rubel Shelly appeals to Bob Mumford for proof that God will speak audibly to you.

However, Bob Mumford is the true father of SHEPHERDING CULT GROUPS.

Rubel Shelly also uses the Henry Blackaby ideas almost word for word.

See more where Rubel Shelly believes that the GEIST as in Poltergeist as actually living inside SOME people's bodies.

Bammel Church of Christ Concerned Member: "They have once a year have a dedication for the new babies in the congregation. They have a woman as a minister to the women. I know there is more.

Of course, there is no difference between DEDICATING babies without sprinkling water on their heads and NOT sprinkling water on their head. The same process believes that something magical happens when the baby is DEDICATED as other are sprinkled and put under a "saving influence" based on the faith of THEIR PARENTS.

All of these things flow from an ECUMENICAL urge to become a One World Church with one standard of doctrine and an already published CODE OF ETHICS. This will silence those who test the spirits and make everyone become a COLLECTIVIST religion under one head.

In the Bible there are only TWO "offices" or works for a faithful church of Christ. The first is the ELDER who is not elected but identified because "He is already laboring to the point of exhaustion in preaching and teaching." His title is Pastor-Teacher all rolled into one.

Second, the deacon is identified by a word which makes him "full of the Spirit" or "holding the mystery of the faith in a clear conscience." He is defined as a TEACHER and was used locally and as a missionary.

Now, fast forward: adding PREACHER to the church has been radically changed in many big city churches. He FIRES the elders and selects "special servants" including women as deaconesses. The deacons are then replaced by PROFESSIONAL buddies of the pastor and some even have a "missionary in residence." The elders then, as in many denominations, becomes the shepherds or advisors of the MINISTRY TEAM BUILT LIKE A pyramid or tower of Babel.

In order to support the DAVIDIC system which was a curse added by God, the CORE GOSPEL becomes the building program and tithing to pay for all of the TEAM. Music has always been a mind-control device because it induces Fight, Flight or Sexuality.

The women and effeminate then become the women and children ruling over the church.

Jesus spoke in parables and acted parables to hide the truth from those who do not love the truth. The baptism with the DOVE resting on the head of the SON and the voice speaking as a FATHER is a direct repudiation of Mother Goddess worship. When women and powerless males take over then RELIGION with music and effeminate practices result.

In the religion of the Babylon Whore (Inanna, Semiramis, Jezebel, etc.) the MOTHER caused the DOVE to rest on the DAUGHTER. The female goddesses, Sophia and ZOE dominated the "minor jehovahs" and little "logos" or Jesus and forced them into forming Musical Worship Teams to worship the Mother and the Daughter. This among lots of Biblical evidence explains why Paul knew that preside over women could not prevent the exercise of AUTHENTIA or authority which was both Erotic and Murderous. Click for the story in The Origin. And click here to see that Sophis was the serpent and ZOE was the beast or "female instructing principle."

Women leaders can happen only after the Epistles are repudiated as inspired even as Mike Armour blames the non-instrumental position on the apostolic writings.

Spring Woodlands church of Christ Concerned Member: This is happening also to Spring Woodlands Church of Christ in the Woodlands, Tx where we use to attend as well.

They are fixing to build a 10 million + dollar building up north somewhere. They have their praise teams standing in front of the audience singing their solos and clapping their hands. This frightens me. It is nothing but the devils work.

It is a historical fact based on the temples, cathedrals and modern cult-like MEGA CHURCHES: You build the building and Satan will come.

The Purpose Driven Cult INTENDS that the building is finished and well financed before the END GAME magically appears. Your old church which was A School of the Bible suddenly is converted to A Theater for Holy Entertainment. Rather than faithful preachers the MUSIC MINISTER becomes the tail which wags the dog. The professional musicians have tricked you into building them a PERFORMING ARTS BUILDING.

We remind you that the eternal picture of all performing arts in paganism and church history is that it is for "women and the effeminate" and worse.

The end- time PRAISE SERVICE is just like the beginning- time praise service. The goal was through human praise enchantment documents one could PROP UP the gods so that they didn't fail. That's why with the NOW BUT NOT YET KINGDOM of the new Premillenials, Jesus failed and YOU had better become MORE POWERFUL than Jesus to get the nation READY so that He doesn't have anything to do.

The modern CHANGE AGENTS do what the elders of Israel did: the elders are prompted to demand SET A KING OVER US as a dominant pastor. Of course, he might be a communications major but if he is charismatic or can CONTROL MINDS then he is our guy.

This repudiated Jehovah as their Prince, King and Priest. Therefore, fulfilling the DEATH SENTENCE imposed because of the MUSICAL IDOLATRY at Mount Sinai, God totally turned Israel over to WORSHIP THE STARRY HOST (Stephen in Acts 7) and to build a temple LIKE THE NATIONS so that they could WORSHIP like the nations. The king, kingdom, Law and temple were permitted by God until He had the kings enslave them with tithing for BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS and drove them into captivity to the beat of musical instruments.

Lynn Anderson promoting the IMAGES or IDOLS over Biblical facts quotes Huxley instead of Jesus, BUT:

Huxley also said and we quote:

Abused as we abuse it at present, dramatic art is in no sense cathartic; it is merely a form of emotional masturbation. It is the rarest thing to find a player who has not had his character affected for the worse by the practice of his profession.

Nobody can make a habit of self-exhibition, nobody can exploit his personality for the sake of exercising a kind of hypnotic power over others, and remain untouched by the process.

See how the temple was a NATIONAL temple.

The Jewish PRAISE TEAM stood in the court and tried to EXORCISE the demons hoovering around the burning animals. They were a CARNAL TYPE of Mocking Lord Jesus "outside the camp."

The Sodomites plagued the temple in Jerusalem like all priesthoods. The singing women who went in procession around the city and even in the temple were not spiritual worship teams. Both the singing and playing of instruments is rooted in the song of the prostitute or male prostitute. They are also related to "triming your vines" to "take your inheritance." The word HALAL like the word CHALAL means to "play the flute, pollute and prostitute."

The Holy Place was a carnal type of the church of Christ which is a SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE and not a worship center. Levitical singers or musicians never dared enter into the type of the church of Christ or they would have suffered violence.

Not even in the VILEST pagan temples could the singers and musicians ever enter into the type of the church as a place of discipline while worship is IN THE HUMAN SPIRIT. However, the end time BABYLON WHORE is a final attempt of the failed Lucifer or ZOE.

The musical praise team is "an abomination which makes desolate standing in the Holy Place claiming that we are God" by claiming to LEAD YOU INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD. God is MARKING those with the musical BRAND and separating out those MARKED with the Mind of Christ which is the Spirit of God. It all fulfills prophecy and YOU ARE THERE watching God do His supernatural work. The locusts (cymbals) are doing the work of Apollo or Abaddon or Apollyon who was the "father of musical harmony, twanging bowstrings, thieves and liars."

Spring Woodlands church of Christ Concerned Member: They have had 2 splits that I know of. This is more powering than Jim Jones and his cult. I can't believe how people can be so blind and deaf about what is going on in these churches. They are so wrapped up in being entertained.

See how the Post-Modernism of Antonio Gramsci is a REBIRTH of MARXISM:

When we hear "Postmodern" or "Post Denominational" we know that Antonio Gramsci has leaked out of the Philosopher's "Scripture." Karl Marx saw things in terms of economics and politics.

The METHOD is to produce a mild schizophrenia so that you don't know what is happening until you wake up NAKED. However, the danger is that RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the GREAT LEAP FORWARD the LAITY catches on to what the NIKE OR NICO "GODS" are doing and the LEAPERS just fall to the ground like many of China's Great Leaps Forward.

Gramsci thought in terms of collecting all power centers into a hegemony which is defined as "the systematic spread of the world view of the ruling class."

"Dissociation is the loss of conscious awareness of the real world. Specifically, postmodern religionists call for people

to leave all rational thinking behind before ascending to the godhead.

Thus, they see one thing as the supreme barrier to deep religion: Reason, and its handmaiden, truth.

There is a good reason for it looking like a Hitlerian, Karl, Marx, Machiavellian or Jim Jones: responses from some in the Purpose Driven Cult makes you aware that some of them are dangerous: "We will do ANYTHING to attract seekers" and of course silence those who oppose them. We have the claw marks.

See how the Holy Place as the church of Christ HAS NO ABOMINATIONS STANDING IN THE HOLY PLACE.

Conspiring to Destroy Biblical Authority

Since Eastern European Missions is a MINISTRY of Bammel church of Christ and they DIVERT from sending Bibles and send Mike Armour's book for the Ukraines who CANNOT DIGEST THE BIBLICAL TEXT, Bammel Road and EEM must be evaluated based on the teachings of Mike Armour.

Mike Armour is IN BED with the Disciples of Christ and riducules churches of Christ trying to promote an ecumenical with them. They are a denomination with a head much like the Pope.

Further, is important to understand that Mike Armour perverts the history of the Restoration Movement to make the Campbell's not consider Instrumental Music or BAPTISM a fellowship issue. The anti-church of Christ verbage looks like it all came out of the same mind but it is totally in error.

Mike Armour: Looking back at the twentieth century, the a cappella Churches of Christ present one of the great ironies of American religion. A Bible-believing people, aggressively evangelistic for most of our history, we have always described ourselves as eager for Christian unity.

Yet, by mid-century the broader religious community saw us as exclusivists, thoroughly isolated from our spiritual neighbors.

Nor could we hold ourselves out as a model of unity, for we constantly struggled with our own polarizing divisions.

The REAL TRUTH is that the Disciples of Christ which motivates a small band of false teachers began at Cane Ridge, Kentucky in 1801. The First Great American Awakening was a witchcraft and "theatrical performer" driven movement. It is not surprizing that out of this movement came 4 separate Quaker groups and 321 other full-scalle denominations. Most of these were Baptists and someone still counts 146 separate Baptist denominations. In earlier Europe this would have been classified as witchcraft which, of course, is a case of the HUCKSTERS driving the ignorant into cataleptic fits in order to get paid or get their opposing "preacher" hung.

Barton W. Stone facilitated a Methodist form of Second Great Awakening in 1801. The intent was to CREATE "spiritual exercises" to prove to the Presbyterians that OTHERS can be saved as proven by barking up trees and fighting over the garbage and worse.

Out of this witches brew, which has its modern counterpart in devil worship, came the STONEITES or Christian churches which were given to emotionalism. The Shouting Methodists exercises were integrated as AN ACT OF WORSHIP.

The Reformers, Disciples of Christ or churches of Christ were not susceptible to these fits and simply did not fit in. At times the "christians" and "churches of Christ' assembled together but this was under a system where church was defined as A School of Christ and worship was "reading and discussing" the Word of God. The Stoneites never agreed with the nature of the Godhead, the direct operation of The Holy Spirit "person" in conversion or charismatic music, baptism, ordination of preachers and all of the things which make churches of Christ distinctive.

The Christian churches which came out an Anglican or Methodist High Church system tried to organize ALL OF CHRISTENDOM into one grand denomination. Even children would become "life members" by giving money as in Jim Bakkerism. They also added instruments into the worship services. In 1906 they claimed that ALL of the churches of Christ belonged to their DENOMINATION. The man at the Census bureau knew better and consulted David Lipscomb. Lipscomb told him that they were NOT part of the denomination. Therefore, the churches of Christ did not disfellowship the denomination: they simply choose NOT to be forced to be counted.

By 1908 the Christian churches were alreay heavily organized and published a Centenniel edition of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address. Of course this was a Declaration of Freedom from any worldly organization intending to free individuals from domination. You may review this edition here and determine whether you want to be part of Mike's new denomination.

Well, the RESTORATION MOVEMENT always arises out of UNWILLINGNESS to INCLUDE those who practice "believer's baptism" which is pagan Baptism, quarterly Communion, the use of musical instruments and etc. Why else WAS there a Restoration Movememt:

Alexander Campbell

Writing on: "Mark them who cause Divisions."

"THE Pope and his angels preached from this text half a century, while Luther, Zwingli, Melancthon, &c. were exposing the filthiness of the Mother of Harlots.

As Luther gave the Pope no quarters, he wreaked his vengeance on the Reformers,

denouncing them as heretics, schismatics, sowers of discord among brethren, haughty, self-willed, and contumacious dignitaries.

"He learned that lesson from his predecessors, who denounced the Messiah and his Apostles by similar arguments. Jesus was not a good man, for he made divisions among the people; and the Apostles were heresiarchs, for they turned the world upside down.

[Note: Elijah and the Word of God fought against the musical prophets of Jezebel. Jesus equated John to Elijah and the Jewish clergy was identified as children piping to try to force Him to sing and Dance while John had a demon. Luke 7]

"Elijah, too, was a disturber of the peace of Israel; and Daniel greatly marred the harmony of the devout fraternity who paid court to Nebuchadnezar.

In short, from the time that Moses caused divisions in the kingdom of Pharaoh, down to the last Dover Association, this text,

"Mark and avoid them that cause divisions," has never been unseasonable amongst the opponents of reform and of change; for as there can be no reformation without change--and as all who preach reformation preach a change,

the consequence must be, that those who will not change, must, to justify themselves, denounce the reformers; and no text does better than this--"Mark them who cause divisions, and avoid them." EDITOR.

[The Millennial Harbinger (December 1832): 604.]

In this case, they were denouncing instrumental music among other things.

Those instrumentalists who stole (and continue to steal) the church houses of widows so that they can engage in entertainment at attract large contributors ALWAYS saw the faithful Restoration Movement as Exclusive. Jesus was Exclusive. Paul was Exclusive. Peter was Exclusive: and they were all murdered by ECUMENICAL Pharisees who DETESTED free religion.

One suspects that all of the badmouthing against churches of Christ came spewing from the lips of people on the PAYROLL of the same churches of Christ.

One suspects that when Jesus comes about 99.99% of all people will be aligned against those who refuse to bow to the homosexual invasion of churches using "musical worship teams" or other theatrical performers leading the invasion.

The unity proposed by churches of Christ is on the SAME BASIS as any other religious organization known to mankind. If Mike Armour has no trouble fellowshiping instrumental churches it is because he BELIEVES their position which has ZERO Biblical authority and is in fact CONTRARY to the teaching of the Bible as about 1800 years of church history proves.

Mike Armour and the Disciples simply believe that the totality of the Bible and views of church theologians B.M. (Before Me) has been INVERTED by postmodern (Post-Christendom, Post-Biblical) views flowing out of "christian" universities.

They are out on a broken limb.

Nor did ANY Restoration Movement group suggest unity based on violation of the Inspired Word. The DISCIPLES as new bed-fellows WOULD NOT fellowship a non-instrumentalist in the sense of allowing him to teach a class on what the Bible REALLY says against instruments as the Mark of Baal (Re. Martin Luther).

They would assuredly EXCLUDE anyone who proposed to tell the truth about instrumental music which the Bible and all history proves to have been introduced by Satan to steal the worship due a holy God.

Nor would Mike Armour allow anyone who opposes his view to FELLOWSHIP fully with his group.

Nor, would EEM or Bammel Road allow anyone to teach the truth about musical worship teams.

The DISCIPLES always exult in FELLOWSHIPING "church of Christ Scholars" because they know that they ALREADY agree with them and have no more Biblical background than the Disciples.

Therefore, it is less than honest to use the HEGEL (Marxist) effort to destroy churches of Christ by perverting both the history and the practice of churches of Christ.

Thomas Campbell's DECLARATION AND ADDRESS proves that the churches of Christ believers abandoned an already divisive and exclusive group.

"This desirable rest, however, we utterly despair either to find for ourselves, or to be able to recommend to our brethren,

by continuing amid the diversity and rancor of party contentions, the veering uncertainty and clashings of human opinions:

nor, indeed, can we reasonably expect to find it anywhere but in Christ and his simple word, which is the same yesterday, to-day, and forever.

[Thomas Campbell noted elsewhere that: "I am not to be understood as objecting to the detection and exposure of a false and unscriptural experience, which, from your words, appears to be the thing intended; for, in your foot note, page 141, you assert, that we are taught, that

"since those gifts have ceased, the Holy Spirit now operates upon the minds of men only by the word;" and at the close of said note, you further assert, that "we are positive of one point,"

namely, "that the scriptures teach us not the doctrine of physical operations of the Divine Spirit in order to faith."]

Indeed, should Christians cease to contend earnestly for the sacred articles of faith and duty once delivered to the saints, on account of the opposition and scanty success which, in many instances, attend their faithful and honest endeavors; the Divine cause of truth and righteousness might have long ago been relinquished.

And is there anything more formidable in the Goliah schism, than in many other evils which Christians have to combat? Or, has the Captain of Salvation sounded a desist from pursuing, or proclaimed a truce with this deadly enemy that is sheathing its sword in the very bowels of his Church,

rending and mangling his mystical body into pieces? Has he said to his servants, Let it alone? If not, where is the warrant for a cessation of endeavors to have it removed?

Therefore, the UNITY upon which the Restoration Movement was built out of many factions was based on the FIRST revelation.

Is Mike Armor honest in blaming being exclusive on the 19th century after non-instrumentalists refused to join his Disciple friends?

To see that the Bible and all of church history taught the Commands, Examples and Inference long before the 20th century.

Conspiring to Promote Instrumental Music

You cannot create a systematic Anti-Ism against non-musical churches without PROMOTING the instrumental view:

Mike Armour: But he ascribed far greater weight to direct commands than to teachings derived from precedents and inferences. Lines of fellowship, he cautioned, should never be drawn on the basis of doctrines supported primarily by precedents or inferences.

Otherwise salvation depends on proper deductions from closely reasoned arguments, which would put salvation beyond the reach of those with simple minds or limited intellect.

Yet, in the wake of the instrument controversy Campbell's distinction generally disappeared in churches supporting a cappella worship.

Thomas Campbell defined "church" as A School of Christ and not related to the modern Pagan Worship Center.

His proposal was like that of Paul in Romans 15: to allow the people with diverse backgrounds to meet in peace and harmony the assembly or "synagogue" should be a school of the Bible.

Therefore, everyone could glorify God with one voice ONLY by speaking "that which is written." Or as in Ephesians "the Spirit" and in Colossians "the Word of Christ."

Since the synagogue or church had no wider agenda then the DIRECT COMMANDS would facilitat a SCHOOL but not a church.

Therefore, it is dishonest to claim that either Campbell did not use examples and inferences to determine other faith and practice.

The DIRECT COMMAND for the literate was to SPEAK INSPIRED TEXT without Mike Armour to interpret it for the poor Ukraines. A Psalm is:

Psalmos (g5568) psal-mos'; from 5567; a set piece of music, i.e. a sacred ode (accompanied with the voice, harp or other instrument; a "psalm"); collect. the book of the Psalms: - psalm. Comp. 5603 (an ode).

A sacred (inspired) ode
Accompanied by the
or other Instrument.

When the Jews attempted to force Jesus into this it was mocking Him playing a concert of instruments and trying to get him to lament for Bacchus and dance.

"Not to be overlooked here is the accompaniment of music and dancing which, with the character of the ensuing phenomena, makes the diagnosis (of idolatry) certain." (Schaff-Herzog, Ecstasy, p. 71).

"The triumphal hymn of Moses had unquestionably a religious character about it; but the employment of music in religious services, though idolatrous, is more distinctly marked in the festivities which attended the erection of the golden calf." (Smith's Bible Dictionary, Music, p. 589).

Music with the Greeks, therefore, included, besides

vocal and instrumental music,
choral dancing,
rhythmic motions,
and various modes of harmony expressed in action,

perhaps most particularly that part of education which we should now classify as a striving for harmony (Kosmos unity) in life

> combined with aesthetic (art and human creativity),

v in contrast with intellectual and physical branches of study and development.

> It was culture of the essential person, the ego or soul,

v whereas the other two divisions care for and supply the needs of the mind and of the body.

If Paul said "make melody on the harp" then Mike Armour and the apologists for the Disciples Denomination would absolutely hold that to be authority.

Since Paul said make melody in the HEART then why not trust the Ukraine people to be able to read the TEXT without a Marxist or Hegelian twist? If they don't already know the meaning of "heart" then looking it up in a dictionary would be a grand learning experience!

David Lipscomb said that there was no evidence of PSALLO being used as proof text prior to A.D. 1878. What has happened to Mike Armour and the new Anti-ism that they are better equiped than Spirit- Guided Paul to do a "private interpretation" or "further expounding" of the inspired text?

Why, with Rubel Shelly's NEW GLASSES to get a NEW VISION for the church of Christ, do we believe that these "prophets" have a revelation which NEGATES the Bible and all of church history and scholarship?

The Britannica notes that:

"Music, like the word, also may have symbolic meaning. The basic elements out of which musical symbolism is built are sounds, tones, melodies, harmonies,

and the various musical instruments,
among which is the human voice.

Just what is it about "make melody IN THE HEART" after SPEAKING "that which is written" to one another to TEACH and ADMONISH can the Ukraine people understand and Mike Armour cannot? Why is it so hard for scholars to spell "ABC"?

However, "music" has never been neutral. Mind Control or Shepherding people have always known that you NEED music to change the laws of God.

For instance, as the superstitious pagans believed that the "gods" dwelled in their musical instruments and HIT OR TWANGED OR YANKED the strings caused the "gods" dwelling inside to speak a message of magical revelation:

"Sound effects can have a numinous (spiritual) character and may be used to bring about contact with the realm of the holy. A specific tone may call one to an awareness of the holy, make the holy present, and produce an experience of the holy.

This may be done by means of drums, gongs, bells, or other instruments.

The ritual instruments can, through their shape or the materials from which they are made, have symbolic meaning. The Uitoto in Colombia, for example, believe that all

the souls of their ancestors are contained in the ritual drums. (See liturgical music BM members.)

The Egyptians from whom the Israelites "borrowed" their instruments to RISE UP TO PLAY at Mount Sinai knew full well that, to the ignorant and superstitious, INSTRUMENTAL SOUND created a real or "aural orgasm."

"Theodoret (Quasten, Music & Worship, p. 65) claimed that the Jews brought liturgical music from Egypt and Philo wrote that "Moses learned rhythm, harmony, meter and everything concerned with instrumental music from the Egyptians." This is why Moses knew that the noise at Mount Sinai was not the sound of defeat or of victory. Rather, it was the "sound of them singing that I hear."

The Jews sang in the type of the Egyptian threnodies (elegies for the dead):

Thus they made a golden bull, the image of an animal that was held to be the most sacred in that land; they offered unholy sacrifices, performed impious dances and sang hymns which differed in no way from the pagan mourning songs. Philo, De specialibus legibus

This explains the MARZEAH condemned by Amos in chapters 5, 6 and 8 and Isaiah in chapter 8. Because the people had been SENTENCED to worship the starry host because of the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai, their "music" and festival was a "ritual WITH and FOR dead ancestors" or the demons.

Last but not least, Paul knew and warned the Corinthians and others about AUTHENTIA or sexual authority well documented by Euripedes in Bacchae and the modern Vineyard movement and the Wineskins movement, the goal of music has always been to make the Spirit have an orgasm:

Come, ye Bacchae, come, ye Bacchae, bringing down (double entendre) Bromius, (boisterous one) god the child of god, out of the Phrygian mountains into the broad highways of Greece.

"Come Holy Spirit, come, make us truly new creatures in Christ"

Some things you DON'T DO because they are wrong. For instance, singing, clapping, dancing, playing instruments with the LAST ACT with the Holy Whore always went together in paganism. Why should "sincere" people want to make the literate wonder?

However, Thomas Campbell wrote and believed that there was Biblical authority for what we do in a collective sense:

Our desire, therefore, for ourselves and our brethren would be, that,

rejecting human opinions and the inventions of men as of any authority, or as having any place in the Church of God, we might forever cease from further contentions about such things;

To Mike Armour: That DOES NOT MEAN that we should not contend with those who teach false doctrine.

returning to and holding fast by the original standard;

taking the Divine word alone for our rule;
the Holy Spirit for our teacher and guide, to lead us into all truth;
and Christ alone, as exhibited in the word, for our salvation;

that, by so doing, we may be at peace among ourselves, follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.

When Mike Armour ridicules returning to the first century Bible (that was when it was written) he must denounce Campbell and most religious people for 2,000 years.

All of the Restoration Movement leaders repudiated instrumental music and therefore this was not a matter to be decided.

MARS is the same in the "god" realm as SATURN. Saturn's number in the original Chaldee is 666. And the image of THRUSTING IN THE SICKLE in coming judgment is significant that the MARK of Saturn was the sickle. And the sickle or pruning hook in the Hebrew is derived from the name of a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT.

Therefore, the Disciples bragged about promoting a worship like that devoted to MARS or SATURN or the other Wandering Stars or planets.

The PROOF TEXT used on Alexander Campbell by Mr. G. was:

If martial music thus inspires the worshippers of Mars, will sacred music do less for the humble followers of the meek and lowly Jesus--the worshippers of the true and living God?

Those who disagreed believed that the FIRST STEP of disposing of the Bible in song and sermon was to introduce secular hymns which were considered IDOLS.

However, Alexander Campbell responds to the letter from Mr. G:

The argument drawn from the Psalms in favor of instrumental music,

is exceedingly apposite to the Roman Catholic, English Protestant, and Scotch Presbyterian churches, and even to the Methodist communities.

Their churches having all the world in them--that is, all the fleshly progeny of all the communicants, and

being founded on the Jewish pattern of things--baptism being given to all born into the world of these politico-ecclesiastic communities--

I wonder not, then, that an organ, a fiddle, or a Jews-harp, should be requisite to stir up their carnal hearts, and work into ecstasy their animal souls,

else "hosannahs languish on their tongues, and their devotions die."

And that all persons who have no spiritual discernment, taste, or relish for their spiritual meditations, consolations and sympathies of renewed hearts, should call for such aid, is but natural.

Pure water from the flinty rock has no attractions for the mere toper or wine-bibber. A little alcohol, or genuine Cognac brandy, or good old Madeira, is essential to the beverage to make it truly refreshing.

So to those who have no real devotion or spirituality in them, and whose animal nature flags under the oppression of church service, I think with Mr. G., that instrumental music would be not only a desideratum, but an essential prerequisite to fire up their souls to even animal devotion.

But I presume, to all spiritually-minded Christians, such aids would be as a cow bell in a concert.

Alexander Campbell

Therefore, Mike Armour endorsed by Bammel Road, the Disciples of Christ, the Christian church, and Eastern European Missions has no trouble misusing either the Words of God or the Words of the Campbells to make a totally false Hegelian (Markist) attack on churches of Christ.

The effort is to DISSOCIATE or throw the weak minded into a form of schizophrenia as a desirable STATE of post-modern CONVERSION.

Once they have made you UNHAPPY by believing all of the false propoganda.

Then, they can hit you while you are weak to teach a musical system Mr. G. agrees is the end-time Saturn (666) form of sexual worship.

Thomas Campbell might agree to let you believe whatever you wanted to believe but he understood with all of the literate world that if you want UNITY then you have to base your public practices on the Bible.

The Bible not only DOES NOT prescribe any form of music as worship to God. Paul's word was TEACH or PREACH using "that which is written."

Those who ADDED instruments did so with no NEED for Bible authority because they said: "We gonna do it spite of hell."

It is an ignored fact that the Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians did not use instruments. It was later when the Disciples tried to build a SOCIETY or Cult to in the mind of J. H. Garrison include "all of Christendom" that divison was promoted. They even toured the South trying to sign up children as LIFE MEMBERS.

The second problem was the legal and legalist attempt to force all churches of Christ to JOIN the instrumental practice. They, in fact, stole the church houses of widows just as they are doing right now.

When the OWNERS decided that they could not violate the Bible and 1800 years of WELL-KNOWN rejection of "the works of human hands" as a form of worship, they left.

The spiritual ancestors of Mike Armour accused them of sowing discord and BECOMMING sectarian because they would not BOW TO BAAL. Luther did claim that the ORGAN was the ensign or MARK OF BAAL.

However, it is literacy 101aaa that those who INTRODUCE new practices over the views generally held by the group are the SECTARIANS. Nevertheless, the dishonesty with Scripture which allowed them to steal the church property allowed them to use the GUILT CLAUSE invented by Adam when the NACHASH or "musical enchanter" didn't even have to be SEDUCED.

First, let us note that a cappella is ala the Pope's castrated choir for the Sistine Chapel and is not remotely related to the direct command of Paul to TEACH the inspired Word with no hint of a musical content.

Mike Armour: The non-instrumental position depended

entirely on historical precedents from the first century

and on inferences drawn from the handful of Biblical passages that mention music in the early church.

One has to be truly shocked that EEM would USE such ignorance to teach the Ukraines who APPARENTLY cannot follow the direct command to the Evangelist Timothy: "Give attendance to the (public) reading of the Word, to exhorting that Word and to Doctrine taught by that word."

Is Mike Armour truly ignorant of the history of the use of Instrumental Music as rejected by all early church scholars. Furthermore, instrumental music was ALWAYS associated with the pagan temples which used male and female prostitutes. To play and sing at the same time identify one as a prostitute. For a male to sing and play at the same time MARKED him as a sodomite even around the Jerusalem temple.

Can the Ukraines NOT read or is someone doing the will of the Devil defined by Jesus as a liar because "he speaks on his own"?

> Churches which called themselves "the church of Christ" rejected the use of instruments prior to the Disciples who IMPOSED instruments and FORCED the older and more literate members to leave.

> Any minimal reading of the Bible would show that Satan used the "serpent" which was not a snake. The Naga or Nagash or Nachash is an eastern MUSICAL ENCHANTER. The story of Jubal who "handled" musical instruments where "handled" means WITHOUT AUTHORITY is further told in the Book of Enoch, Jubilees and even the Babylonian Tablets. Satan taught Jubal under various names how to seduce the holy people from the Living Word using instrumental music, seductive dress, mixed sex choirs and homosexual love. This is why Jude and Enoch show that God will come for the musical perverters.

> The musical idolatry at Mount Sinai informed the churches of Christ. The use of the Kings who used music was known by these scholars to be God's way of leading the Israelites into captivity and death.

> The literate people of the Restoration Movement knew that singing beautiful songs and playing instruments was compared by God through Ezekiel as those who would treat both God and Ezekiel as homosexual lovers.

> The non-instrumental position depended on the prophecy of Psalm 41 that Judas would try to triumph over Jesus where "triumph over" meant to play instruments and "make a joyful noise before the Lord." The DSS version of Psalm 41 has the Levitical Warrior musicians treating Messiah like Beliar to be destroyed using musical instruments.

> The non-instrumental people who existed in a non-broken practice forever knew that the Jewish clergy piped trying to get Jesus to do the Dionysus song and dance to prove that He was their pervert, Dionysus the "god of wine and new wineskins" whom they had worshiped in the temple as the "Abomination of desolation.

> The knew that Jesus "cast out" the musical worship team "more or less violently." Even the illiterate probably knew that the command to TEACH using the Biblical metrical material WAS NOT a command for music.

> Having read Psalm 18 they probably understood that the MARK of the end time worship would be Apollo (Abaddon, Apollyon) who had a musical seeker center at Delphi with his/her "team" of 9 muses.

> They assuredly knew that the church existed about 1250 years before instruments were used frequently and then not in the face of the Pope who represented "christ" to them.

> The non instrumental position depends on any scholarship which recognizes the MUSICAL message in the garden of Eden. In EVERY example of people using instruments in connection with worship the people have already told God: We will not listen to YOUR words. Only spiritual blindness or an ulterior AGENDA can make such a statement contrary to the totality of the Bible and history.

Neither the Old or New Testament uses the word MUSIC related to "worship."

The "music" OUTSIDE of the temple in Jerusalem was never called MUSIC. The Holy Spirit always calls it NOISE. The service of the Levitical instrumentalists was not called worship but HARD BONDAGE. They drove the slaves to build the temple and drove any straglers around the temple during ANIMAL SACRIFICES to the ground.

Musical "noise makers" who served the PRIESTS in "hard bondage" NEVER went into the Holy Place as a carnal type of the church of Christ even to clean out the garbage.

Look again EEM before you subvert the Ukraines!

Singing and Playing instruments outside of animal sacrifices around the temple was by SODOMITES and women prostitute singers. Their instruments in Hebrew identify sexual perversion or "taking your inheritance." The Hebrew Chalal like HALAL means to "play the flute, pollute or prostitute."

Paul deliberately DID NOT USE the great word for MUSIC (sumphonia) which is used only of SECULAR parties.

The prophecy of musical mocking of Jesus by the "warrior" musicians under the KING and COMMANDERS OF THE ARMY was fulfilled. Jesus speaks eloquently AGAINST musical TEAMS to the literate whose eyes He has not already blinded.

Paul OUTLAWED outward melody which was abrading or polluting and defineld INWARD melody since Jesus said that God looks for worship ONLY In the human spirit or Mind.

The end-time Babylon Prostitute religion has several Old Testament TYPES. Therefore, end-time PROSTITUTE religion will have music and musicians.

NONE of the early history fails to understand that MUSIC was the arena of innocent children or male and female prostitutes.

Too bad that Bammel Church and EEM has chosen Mike Armour to INSPIRE the Biblical text so the people in the Ukraine can GRASP IT.

The Hegel or Markist psychological violence.

Because Mike Armour ALREADY FELLOWSHIPS and APPROVES of instrumental music then the following statement must be taken as an instrumentalists violence to DISSOCIATE or Hegel non-instrumentalists by making them feel guilty if they do not engage in the Baby Burning music of both Israel and Judah:

Mike Armour:

By refusing fellowship with those who used instruments,

a cappella churches were effectively elevating "necessary inferences" and apostolic examples to a new plateau of authority.

Now disagreements over inferences and examples, no less than violations of direct commands, could justify a withdrawal or withholding of fellowship.

When the musical group which NEVER used the Bible as authority "infiltrated and diverted" the church and then "stole the church house of widows" and then prohibited the old "owners" from teaching what the church had always taught by telling them that they would be "sowing discord" then many were forced to leave and indeed some were DRIVEN OUT.

When you are forcefully ejected from your own property it takes some strange twists of illogic to claim that the EXPELLED refused to fellowship the spiritual Carpet Baggers who kicked them out.

How can such perversion of historical facts qualify one to be the Teacher of the Ukraines BETTER than the Bible?

When the Old and New Testament and all of the church Fathers held the same view which churches of Christ NEVER ALTERED then how can you say that they ELEVATED something new? Indeed, the instrumentalists said that instruments were so important that it was worth SOWING DISCORD AMONG BRETHREN. One simply does not know where Mike armour gets his theology unless he is in bed with the DISCIPLES OF CHRIST in which case HE DOES NOT represent churches of Christ.

When the direct command is to TEACH or PREACH with NO MUSICAL implications then you don't have to INFER anything. When that direct command has Lord Jesus Christ repudiating musical teams and chanting the Psalms as "an approved example" then you don't have to infer anything. Mike Armour may see the entire Bible "sifted through philosophy and the Bible writer's personal agenda" and therefore been blinded as Jesus warned the musical group in Matthew 13.

Sowing of discord by the instrumentalists was confounded by lying about the Guilt Clause:

"There were those saying that they could "not abide the election of a Republican President." In which event they would destroy the Union.

"And then, you say, the great crime of having destroyed it will be upon us!

That is cool.

A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear, and mutters through his teeth,

"Stand and deliver, or I shall kill you,

and then you will be a murderer." Abraham Lincoln, Frost, Vol. 1, p. 274

A rich man does wrong, and he even adds reproaches; a poor man suffers wrong, and he must add apologies Ecclesu 13:3.

And we venture to think that not those who disapprove of,

but those who introduce services and peculiarities which are trifling and insignificant,

are the guilty parties here.

The issue is not WITHDRAWING FELLOWSHIP: since there is no denominational structure the PROOF TEXT was meant by the Campbells to mean that you CANNOT DISCORD or ADD any practice to the existing church without some Biblical authority to do so.

Since the instrumental SECTARIANS forced instruments in against the Bible, history and the will of the people THEY BROKE fellowship. Only eleminating the end-time Babylon practices can fellowship on a "broader" level can restore it.

Bible students for 2,000 years know that you have VIOLATED a DIRECT COMMAND when you retranslate (for the Ukraine) HEART to now mean HARP.

There is no MUSICAL CONCEPT in Paul's writing. Rather, his direct commands are to GLORIFY GOD by TEACHING with one mouth "that which is written, the Spirit or Word and the Words of Christ."

It is a HISTORICAL fact that SECTARIANS added instruments knowing that they would SOW DISCORD. Those who once owned the property were forced to get out or sin willfully.

Objectors who continued to meet with the newly imposed instruments WERE NOT ALLOWED to protest or teach against them. Those who objected were put out of instrumental churches.

You cannot WITHDRAW fellowship with those who have excommunicated you both in faith and practice.

Thomas Campbell insisted that CHANGES or ADDITIONS be based on EXPLICIT COMMANDS.

Whatever alterations [Changes to the existing practices] this might produce in any or in all of the Churches, should, we think, neither be deemed inadmissible nor ineligible. Surely such alteration would be every way for the better, and not for the worse,

unless we should suppose the divinely-inspired rule to be faulty, or defective.

Were we, then, in our Church constitution and managements, to exhibit a complete conformity to the apostolic Church, would we not be, in that respect, as perfect as Christ intended we should be? And should not this suffice us?

What does Mike Armour and EEM have which is SUPERIOR to the Word delivered by Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit?

Never having read most of the Bible not required to FILL THE PULPIT these false teachers just embarass themselves among anyone ever having READ the Old Testament and church history.

The NAMES of all musical terms and instruments are named after evil, destructive or sexually polluting practices. EVERY Biblical example of the use of music has the people treating God and the prophets as musical prostitutes or telling God: "We will not listen to your words."

The entire Bible repudiates music as antithetical to spiritual worship: too bad they haven't heard because the Word went out.

The Levitical sounders would later MOCK Jesus but never make music in a spiritual sense.

God promised another PROPHET through Moses:

I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him. Deut 18:18

And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him. Deut 18:19

But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name,

which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. Deut 18:20

Jesus delivered what the Father said:

For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak. Jn.12:49

And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak. Jn.12:50

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. John 6:63

Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends;

for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. Jn.15:15

To the elders:

And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned. Isaiah 29:12

Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me,

and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men: Isaiah 29:13 (to the tune of a hickory stick or an oxgoad)

Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder:

> for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish,

> and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid. Isaiah 29:14

For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent. 1 Cor 1:19

Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?1Co.1:20

For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. 1 Cor 1:21

See the universal testimony which proves that the Bible and all church scholarship until recently has insisted that whatever is IMPOSSED on everyone must be ONLY that which is commanded or fairly exampled in the Bible. Yes, inferences were always part of the literate way to determine authority.

Click for an index to prove that instrumental music has always been for female children or for the male and female prostitute. It is NEVER used for spiritual worship and it is ALWAYS associated with and is a MARK of people who will not listen to the Word of God.

Mike Armour and his band can find NO Biblical authority for music AS worship. In fact the early MUSICAL SECTARIANS declared to a judge in Tennessee that IF instrumental noise WAS considered WORSHIP then it would be SINFUL.

However, they are slicker than the serpent in the garden of Eden. His Hebrew name NACHASH is the ancient NAGA: he was really a MUSICAL ENCHANTER as was his CHANGE AGENTS Jubal.

Mike Armour has been a prime mover in UNITY MOVEMENTS. These are meetings where Christian churches who PRACTICE INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC meet with members of the church of Christ who BELIEVE IN INSTRUMENT MUSIC. Out of this "conflict" they all decide for ALL CHURCHES OF CHRIST that they were wrong to NOT try to worship with instruments. And unless they REPENT and begin to FELLOWSHIP all of the RACA words invented by mankind falls on the head of those who will not BOW TO BAAL at ACU by Rubel Shelly.

These men reject the totality of ancient Babylonian Tower practices, the Bible which repudiates instruments, the New Testament where Christ repudiates the PIPERS trying to pervert Him, tossing the "musical worship team out 'more or less violently'," and Paul's DIRECT COMMAND to teach or preach that which is written by DELIBERATELY:

Specifying INTERNAL melody because EXTERNAL melody is not musical but speaks of grinding one into a fine powder as they tried to melt the heart of Jesus.

Specifying SPEAKING OR TEACHING OR PREACHING with "that which is written" because the form called SINGING was always a secular practice.

Did not use the only MUSICAL word (sumphonia) which speaks of a band or "team" producing concord. This musical word is reserved for the party with singing, dancing, drinking and playing instruments.

The word translated MUSICIANS speaks ONLY of the "Musical Worship Team" of Apollo who is Apollyon or Abaddon. These were 9 sister singers who traveled around with Apollo (Satan).

This is the end time imitation of the same practice of Nimrod at the Towers of Babylon where the WORSHIP TEAMS included PROSTITUTES.

Bammel Church, EEM and Mike Armour Conspiring to Destroy Biblical Baptism which was RADICALLY CHANGED about 1500 to SUPPORT Calvinistic predestination.

The Campbells once met with Baptists when they were disfellowshipped from the Presbyterians. However, Alexander and Thomas Campbell left the Baptists when they COULD NOT ACCEPT "believer's baptism" which was hatched about 1500 and is a form of PAGAN BAPTISM.

Mike Armour: At the same time the instrumental controversy was coming to prominence, a narrow view of baptism took root in a cappella churches.

It resurrected an earlier controversy from the 1830s sparked by Dr. John Thomas, who ultimately left the Disciples and began the Christadelphians.

Thomas insisted on rebaptizing anyone who had been immersed without an explicit understanding that baptism was for the remission of sins.

Alexander Campbell stoutly resisted Thomas in this matter and even issued two extras of the Millennial Harbinger to deal with it. From the beginning both Stone and Campbell had accepted Baptists into their fellowship without reimmersion. And in the John Thomas affair Campbell once more built the case for their practice.

Alexander Campbell was once a "baptist" so why shouldn't he have believed them until he LEARNED BETTER.

However, as he became more Bible literate he changed his mind and repudiated Believer's Baptism which is 'Pagan Baptism.'

Hear Mr. Campbell: "That there are some worthy Baptists exactly accords with the views of some of our brethren long since expressed; that as it was with the Jews, in the times of the Messiah and his apostles, so it is now with the Baptists.

The nation. as such, continued to be the kingdom of God, until they rejected the offered salvation;

so the present kingdom of God was found amongst those who plead for faith, repentance, and baptism,

as necessary to admission into the kingdom of grace, until the present call upon them to reformation.

Since the rejection of that call by them, as a people. or SO FAR AS ANY OF THEM HAVE APPOSED THIS REFORMATION,


Do you believe Mike Armour or Alexander Campbell?

The Ephesian 12 believed their baptism to be valid but when they learned better they were baptized with CHRISTIAN baptism.

Of John Smyth's view:

'That baptism ought to be received by none,

but such as can give a good account of their faith;

and in case any have been baptized in their infancy, that they ought to he rebaptized after they come to years of discretion, before they are to be admitted to the church of Christ.

Why isn't John Smyth bigoted and narrow minded?

Would Mike Armour accept the baptismal regeneration of one "baptized" at 8 days? Probably not. What keeps him from being as NARROW MINDED?

Alexander Campbell: Characters, not persons, as such, are the subjects of baptism. Penitent believers - not infants nor adults, not males nor females, not Jews nor Greeks;

but professors of repentance towards God, and faith in Christ - are the proper subjects of this ordinance.

Would Mike Armour have the AUTHORITY to approve the salvation of one who didn't really believe that Jesus Christ was Full Deity and not 1/3 of a god family?

What if a person believes that YOU are not predestinated to heaven but HE is predestinated to heaven. Therefore, you are predestinated to hell. He has ben SAVED and God gave him the High Five by speaking in tongues or barking like a dog at Caneridge. You haven't barked like a dog or fought over the garbage therefore YOU are not saved and CANNOT be baptized.

He then ARROGANTLY denies the value of Baptism to do what Jesus, Paul and Peter said it would do; and the church held that it would do before Zwingli.

He says "i donn hav ta." I have been saved by FAITH ONLY and I was baptized BECAUSE I was predestinated to be saved.

Do you believe that he is OK because you are OK or do you teach him the Biblical facts?

Only if you have made a strong effort to pervert the views of the Campbells AFTER they refused to accept the Baptist Dogma of believer's baptism or pagan baptism.

Baptists should far and wide that one who believes that baptism is FOR (in order to) the remission of sins belongs to a Satanic Cult. Would they accept one who had been baptized without a supernatural story to tell and without rebaptism? No.

So, Mike Armour is out to stomp the life out of the church he takes his pay from.

John Calvin:

Such in the present day are our Catabaptists, who deny that we are duly baptised, because we were baptised in the Papacy by wicked men and idolaters; hence they furiously insist on anabaptism.

Be it that those who baptised us were most ignorant of God and all piety, or were despisers,

still they did not baptise us into a fellowship with their ignorance or sacrilege, but into the faith of Jesus Christ, because the name which they invoked was not their own but God's, nor did they baptise into any other name.

But if baptism was of God,

it certainly included in it the promise of forgiveness of sin,

mortification of the flesh, quickening of the spirit, and communion with Christ.

Therefore, John Calvin insisted that Catholic Baptism was valid ONLY if it INCLUDED the FORGIVENESS OF SINS.

BAPTIST claim superiority and that the were SAVED from eternity past by predestination. When they belived they are baptized into the BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP

Therefore, John Calvin would repudiate Baptist baptism and undoubtedly insist that they be baptized with Christian baptism.

Did people in the 1800 invent this TRUTH or is it universally held?

Is Mike Armour correct in attributing this notion to the NON-INSTRUMENTAL churches of Christ? No.

If you have NOT been baptized with the BAPTIST form of baptism, Max Lucado will not let you be an insider in HIS church. Neither will baptists. One doubts that Mike Armour would accept you into the Inner circles if you would preach that remission of sins was connected by Jesus Christ (In that olden document).

Review of Max Lucado's Creed on baptism:

Part One: The Thief on the Cross Saved without Baptism! No: Christ had not yet preached to the pre- Cross faithful nor ascended into heaven.

Part Two: Baptism is just a pledge that you have been saved? No: Baptism is our REQUEST TO God; not OUR guaranteeing OUR faith!

Part Three: Salvation by Trust Only or Prayer Only? 12/5/02 See how the GA, Shelly, Lucado Trithism as A Family of Gods leads naturally to despising the counsel of the human Jesus and how Baptists Baptism denies that Christ came FULLY in the flesh.

Part Four: Romans 6: Baptism DOES NOT save?

Tertullian (about the year 200) taught that being baptized BECAUSE you were saved was taught by the Cainites who originated music as worship under the guidance of Satan.

Tertullian and the Historical View of Baptism 12/5/02

The CHANGE AGENTS use Narrative Theology so that perverting the truth is no longer lying:

Did Alexander Campbell Endorse the Baptist Church? NO.

Take a look at the church Fathers and denominational founders prior to Zwingli in about 1500. The believer's baptism or pagan baptism or "faith only" was considered a RADICAL DEPARTURE from the almost universally held view of baptism for 1500 years.

Baptism is, then, designed to introduce the subjects of it into the participation of the blessings of the death and resurrection of Christ; who "died for our sins," and "rose again for (not because of) our justification."

But it has no abstract efficacy. Without previous faith in the blood of Christ, and deep and unfeigned repentance before God,

neither immersion in water, nor any other action,

can secure to us the blessings of peace and pardon. It can merit nothing.

Still to the believing penitent it is the means of receiving a formal, distinct, and specific absolution, or release from guilt.

Therefore, none but those who have first believed the testimony of God and have repented of their sins, and that have been intelligently immersed into his death,

have the full and explicit testimony of God, assuring them of pardon.

To such only as are truly penitent, dare we say, "Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling upon the name of the Lord," and to such only can we say with assurance,

"You are washed, you are justified, you are sanctified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of God."

But let the reader examine with care our special essay on the Remission of Sins, in which this much-debated subject is discussed at considerable length.

Mike Armour: Like John Thomas, The Firm Foundation accepted no baptism unless it was performed with an eye to the remission of sins.

Because this view is somehow evil, divisive and out of step with the MAJORITY (always wrong) then we have to assume that Mike Armour sponsored by EEM as a ministry of Bammel Church AFFIRMS the views of the Baptists and the Disciples Denomination (a view repudiated by conservative Christian churches as well).

Mike uses the Hegelian or Hitlerian approach: first, you have to destroy ALL confidence in churches of Christ. Now, that they are put into a mild schizophrenia you introduce the TRUTH according to Armour who apparently has the God given insight to decide that ONCE one has been dipped into water the BAPTISMAL REGENERATION is complete and it would somehow be evil to further teach those who had no grasp of baptism.

Mike Armour: This view was not readily accepted and was still fiercely debated into the 1920s and beyond. Yet, in time the more restrictive position of The Firm Foundation gained increasing sway, until in most parts of the country it became the consensus view (although never the universal one).

This was clearly a move in the direction of exclusivism and added significantly to the resentment of Churches of Christ and to their isolation in the twentieth century.

The Firm Foundation Mike Armour is trying to destroy was, in Mike's "reign" a very LIBERAL publication.

The WAY has always been a NARROW way. Contrary to Rubel Shelly and his band it is Anti-Christian to demand that "we need to become as much like the world as possible to ATTRACT the WORLD."

Truth Isolated Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Jesus, Peter, Paul, Stephen and all of the church martyrs who died rather than DENY Christ and His Word.

Of course, one in bed with the Disciples Denomination RESENTS those who do not agree with him but this is psychologial violence. Most churches of Christ are held in HIGH HONOR in their communities. Only Anti-Christians REMOVE the name of Christ from their TITLE.

See a review of Baptist Baptism. Before 1525 most people believed the Bible which clearly states that remission of sins is at the time and place of Baptism. Zwingli claimed that all of the church doctors were wrong. However, not until 1525 did Zwingli receive the information which created the dogma of 'FAITH ONLY.' One who has been baptized BECAUSE they were already saved by the pre-selection of God from eternity past, Baptists need to receive teaching so that they can make their own decision. Mike Armour cannot give them a "pass."

Mike Armour: The restoration plea itself forced us to manage this balance, with its call for unity on one hand and the restoration of New Testament forms and practices on the other. By its very nature the quest for unity pushes us to think and act inclusively.

Yet, the more we press for restored New Testament patterns,

the more we tend toward exclusivism,

especially if we cut ourselves off from those who treat New Testament patterns differently, as Jim North eloquently demonstrated in the most recent meeting of the Stone-Campbell Dialogue.

Mike is trying to tell you that only non-instrumental churches of Christ rely on the olden Bible for its faith and practice. Mike, Rubel Shelly and the band make sport of the very idea of commands, examples and inferences denying their value. However, all religions have always held to this view outside of the Catholic inflluence.

John Calvin spoke of the RESTORATION OF THE CHURCH.

I, for my part, deny not that when impiety reigned, her kingdom was disturbed by us. But if, at the moment when the light of sound and pious doctrine beamed upon the world, all, as in duty bound, had spontaneously, and with ready mind, lent their aid, there would at the present day be no less peace and quietness in all the churches, (the kingdom of Christ flourishing), than in the days when Antichrist tyrannized.

Let those who, it is manifest, impede the course of truth, desist from waging war with Christ, and there will instantly be perfect concord;

or let them desist from throwing upon us the blame of dissensions, which they themselves excite.

For it is certainly most unfair, while they refuse all terms of peace unless Antichrist be permitted, after putting the doctrine of piety to flight, and as it were again consigning Christ to the tomb, to subjugate the church; it is most unfair not only to boast as if they themselves were innocent, but also to insult over us; and that we, who desire nothing else than unity, and whose only bond of union is the eternal truth of God, should bear all the blame and odium, as much as if we were the authors of dissension.

In regard to the allegation, that no fruit has been produced by our doctrine, I am well aware that profane men deride us, and allege that in probing sores which are incurable, we only enlarge the ulcer.

For their opinion is, that the desperate condition of the church makes it vain to attempt remedies, there being no hope of cure;

and they hence conclude that the best course is not to meddle with an evil well fixed.

Those who speak in this way understand not that the restoration of the church is the work of God, and no more depends on the hopes and opinions of men, than the resurrection of the dead, or any other miracle of that description.

Does Mike Armour claim that Martin Luther or John Calvin committed the cardinal sin of exclusivism because of their RESTORATION MOVEMENT? Since Mike Armour is clearly heaping the blame on the non-instrumental church of Christ does Mike, EEM and Bammel Church intend to repudiate the non-instrumental church of Christ. Honesty demands a prompt statement.

Bammel Church, EEM and Mike Armour Conspiring to Promote the Pagan Agapae seen through Rubel Shelly's New Glasses.

At the time of grave SOWING OF DISCORD against the Bible and those who defend it, it is a compliment to be labeled EXCLUSIVE with no interest in the Stone- Campbell dialog between Anti-baptizing and Pro- Instrumentalists and Anti- baptizing and Pro- Instrumentalists. Sorta like talking to yourself in the mirror.

Mike Armour: Little, if anything was said about the Supper as a koinonia in which we pledge ourselves to one another as one people, one body. Indeed, for years when I preached the concept of the Lord's Supper as renewal of koinonia,

many in my audience invariably saw it as a somewhat novel idea.

As a result, in most a cappella congregations the Lord's Supper assumed more of an individualistic air than the air of a covenant meal with other believers.

Only INDIVIDUALS can remember the death of Christ in their own minds. This has nothing to do with the so called "love feast" which was a perverted pagan ritual. While some believers continued to practice it it led to the same discord as Paul recorded in Corinth.

The Rubel Shelly Re-Visioning conference was a ditto of the feminist and lesbian Methodist Women's Re-Imaging conference. Both sought to see the Lord's Supper in the same terms as the Agape.

The Agapae was like the Egyptian festivals and the Marzeah practiced at Mount Sinai and in Israel as recorded by Amos in chapters 5 and 6. The consequence was TAKING AWAY THE WATER OF THE WORD in chapter 8 and God silenced the singing and playing IN THE TEMPLE.

The Agapae was a perverted festival where the agents of the gods made love and added the FRUIT of the CRIME to the food later consumed by the WORSHIPERS. Click to see the meaning of the Love Feast which was practiced by some once-pagan Christians but again became a perverted feast for the perverts.

"Agape the ruler of sacred sexual rites with a brother. Some versions offered the man's ejaculate to the father and consume it. They also offer menstrul blood and consume it as part of the eucharist."

Jesus said that worship is IN SPIRIT or in the mind. That was typified by the Holy Place where NO MUSICIAN could enter without the loss of his life.

Jesus said "do this in memory of ME" and not thee.

The Passover demanded that in total silence, a candle be lit and a search made for leaven. This is why one must be ALONE to search his own heart.

Paul said that the Lord's Supper was to show forth or PREACH the Lord's Death. It was not eating the Lord's Supper with swine flesh still in the teeth.

Worship is INDIVIDUALISTIC: SCHOOL is in the Holy Place where no singer or player could dare to go but the Most Holy Place or the human spirit is the ONLY place God seeks us GIVING HEED to Him. Only ONE priest could enter the Most Holy Place and no "musical worship team could lead him there." Assuredly, as singers and players in the totality of history speaks of sexual perversion, the AGAPAE or "love feast" always spoke of perversion where SODOMY initiated the worshiper into the presence of the gods.

Mike Armour: Isn't it intriguing that the Churches of Christ, who put the weight of their energy and identity on baptism rather than the Lord's Supper, slipped into exclusiveness and isolation, while the Disciples of Christ, who chose the chalice as the central symbol of their fellowship and prominently built the language of the table into their ecclesiology, became leading ecumenists?

Mike sounds like a One Cupper!

Christians put the emphasis on the CONTENTS rather than the "cup" or "chalice." Is Mike so limited that he cannot emphasize baptism and the Lord's supper at the same time? If you go into any church of Christ you will never be asked for your certificate of compliance. And the supper is not treated as the MASS but as the simple REMEMBRANCE and showing forth or "preaching" the death of Jesus Christ. Mike Armour knows of no church which does not put the focus on the Lord's Supper EVERY first day of the week.

Of course that is just fabricated. Thomas Campbell left the Presbyterians before he could be excommunicated for permitting Presbyterians WITHOUT the token to commune with a DIFFERENT type of Presbyterians. Churches of Christ emphasize baptism for everyone who has not been baptized because THE ACCEPTED THE COUNSEL OF GOD FOR THEIR LIVES that at Baptism God would remit their sins and give them a new or HOLY spirit or a gift of co-perception. After that, churches of christ put the emphasis on the "contents" by having it AT THE FOCUS and below the pulpit. Musical Worship Teams are putting the Lord's Table in the foyer to give them more room for singing, swaying, clapping hands and playing instruments. Assuredly to promote musical worship teams it to PUT DOWN the Lord as the center or focus.

They "became leading ecumenists?" Of course they fellowship those who ALREADY AGREE WITH THEM. They do not allow Baptists into their pulpits or Bible classes. A Baptist will never be the "pope" of the Disciples Denomination. No song leader will ever replace their instruments. No one will cause them to break down their Secular State called a denomination.

Who wants to be an ECUMENISTS anyway? Only those who hold no Biblical principes which demands that we are SEPARISTS or pilgrims in a hostile country where pulpits are the KEY places for "angels of light."

Mike Armour follows the end-time teaching that we MUST ALL BE ONE and must all agree with musical instruments IN ORDER to facilitate the "now but not yet kingdom." Why should one want to be bundling budies in a musical scheme which is defined as the Babylon Whore using "holy whores" in her worship?

If you want to find Jesus you will have to "go outside the camp" because He assuredly cannot be CALLED INTO HIS TEMPLE with pagan music.

If it is all the same we will become INDIVIDUALISTS rather than part of a COLLECTIVIST society envisioned by Willow Creek, Saddleback or the Purpose Driven Cult, the Jubilee or any ecumenists movement. Hitler and Marx built ecumenist societies but BY DEFINITION you lose you own right to choose how you will worship and what BIBLICAL ERROR you will fight and which SPIRIT you will test.

One doubts that the Ukraines lack EXPERIENCE and cannot detect collectivists groups or lack their ABCs and cannot read the Biblical text and therefore need Bammel Church of Christ, EEM and Mike Armour to write a NEW VERSION of the text.

"We see it as more than 80,000 Russian families have asked us for Bibles."

However, in the Ukraine"

Lack of basic Biblical understanding, textual study is difficult. One of the most effective tools we have is the book, "Newcomer's Guide to the Bible," authored by Mike Armour.

Why will Bibles work in Russia and only Mike Armour work in Ukraine? The entirety of the Bible claims that IT is the revelation of the mind of God. If we IMPROVE ON THE HOLY SPIRIT don't we confess that we want the Ukraines to hear a SECTARIAN VIEW of the Bible?

Did people (me) begin thinking that we were SENDING BIBLES but someone has INFILTRATED and now we are DIVERTING by sending a Bible substitute written by Mike Armour?

Does EEM know that by endorsing ONE book by Mike Armour they are endorsing and EVANGELIZING all views of Mike Armour? By analogy, you cannot teach the false dogma of TITHING by Kregg Hood without implicating the church in miracles, speaking in tongues and "hoping" for the raising of the dead.

Does Bammel Church of Christ grasp that by DIRECTLY PROMOTING Mike Armour they are defending a joint fellowship with the Disciples as the most radical of those OUT of the Restoration Movement?

Does it endorse confessing and repenting for teaching against instrumental music and then plan to FELLOWSHIP instrumentalists?

Do they plan to change the Lord's Supper as a showing forth or teaching the DEATH of Christ into a pagan, obscene AGAPE to be consumed with pork in their teath.

You don't have to be ASLEEP and NAKED during Armageddon which is the polemic battle of WORDS and lots of KEEP 'EM BUSY PROGRAMS and MIND CONTROL circles and LADING BURDENS on you by the clergy.

You can wake up, get up, speak up and then GET OUT or stand like men and resist the little hill on the plains trying to ASCEND TO THE Godhead as GREAT MOUNTAINS.

Jerusalem had TWO mountains also which eternally tried to inject paganism into Judaism. Only a tiny remnant survived and GOT OUT. The Levitical "musician's" service was HARD BONDAGE from a word which sounds like Abaddon who is Apollyon or Apollo who was worshiped in an early Seeker Center at Delphi. Apollo or Abaddon will resurrect his locusts to separate those MARKED by music from those MARKED by the Word of Christ. So, don't be surprized that the explosion of deliberate SOWING OF DISCORD gets worse and worse: you need engage in your own battle against the "little hills" trying to become "BIG MOUNTAINS."

The church of Christ in Ukraine is under the same attack mounted all over the world and in most denominations by MUSICAL SECTARIANS having lost their faith in the Word of Christ. You must understand that from the garden of Eden to Ancient Babylon to the Old Testament's total examples to the New Testament to church Fathers to all of church Historians to denominational founders the 100% evidence has been to associate singers and musicians with the pagan temples.

And again, not among the Jews nor the most vile pagan temple did the singers and musicians ever get into the presence of the holy places or the "gods." Musicians cannot lead you where Lord Jesus Christ died to lead you.

The sacrificial noise which was NOT music was to mock the animals being sacrificed and burned: the musicians could never get into the Holy Place as a carnal type of the church of Christ.

The musical warrior musicians were prophesied to TRIUMPH over Messiah under the leading of Judas the Sicarri or Assassin whose Judas Bag was for "carrying the mouthpieces of wind instruments." The Dead Sea Scroll translation of the Psalm telling the story of Psalm 41 shows how the warrior musicians and priests STAND IN THE GAP and use music to try to MELT THE HEART of Messiah to pervert Him.

Revelation 18 which defines Isaiah 47 shows that the end-time Babylon Whore will USE music and musicians to subvert and pervert the church just before the end. However, like the original king/queen of Babylon, his/her music and musicians will again go BACK into Sheol. And like Lucifer the harp playing prostitute as the king/queen of Tyre, the "song of the prostitute" will again cry out:

Take an harp, go about the city, thou harlot that hast been forgotten; make sweet melody, sing many songs, that thou mayest be remembered. Is.23:16

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