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Madison Church of Christ, Sowing Discord Musically

Sowing Discord Musically at Madison Church of Christ, Nashville.
This paper is a link to many of the important documents on the use of "music" in the church.

In the most vile pagan temple which included priests, prophets, musicians and prostitutes, the MUSICIANS could never enter the holy hlaces of the temple. They performed in the court yards.

The JEWISH musicians called "noise makers" whose SERVICE was HARD BONDAGE could not enter the Holy Place as a type of the church of Christ even to clean out the garbage.

Therefore, the use of musicians a MEDIATORS to "lead you into the presence of God" is new and unique and totally fulfills the prophecy of the end-time Babylon Whore religion.

David's Temple as a request to rule and worship like THE NATIONS. The Hebrew word goyim, "nations", was the Babylonian Gutium or Guti in a neighbouring state which plays an important role throughout Babylonian history. The Temple was a CARNALtemple permitted as PUNISHMENT for Israle's RISING UP TO PLAY at Mount Sinai restoring Egyptian- Canaanite- Babylonian worship. The conditional sentence was carried out when the ELDERS wanted to replace God with a king, kingdom and worship LIKE THE NATIONS. The sentence was that Israel would be returned to Assyria and Babylon.

Comparing the Elements of the Jerusalem Temple as Tower of Babel

The Levitical "musician's" SERVICE was HARD BONDAGE. In the NATIONS the loud noise was EXORCISM to expel the evil spirits and AWAKEN or call the gods into their temple. David composed some AWAKENING Psalms but John Hyrcanus suppressed them.

In its fulfillment prophesied by Psalm 41, Judas--whose JUDAS BAG was for carrying mouthpieces of wind instruments--would try to TRIUMPH OVER Jesus. This was carried out by the WARRIOR musicians originally under the KING and COMMANDERS of the army and NOT the priests.

The "work" of the "musicians" ended with the death of Jesus. Not among the Jews or the worst of pagan temple-states did the "musicians" EVER enter into the Holy Places. The Jerusalem's Holy Place was a carnal type of the church of Christ: no singers or musicians could enter it even to clean out the garbage.

With the demise of the temple the Jews understood that there could be no animal sacrifices and therefore no music. This ended and was not restored until A.D. 1815 in a German synagogue.

Tithing is part of the RESTORATION of Judaism which is a restoration of Babylonian, end time "religion.' Yesterday's Sermon Today (1/07/02): Rubel Shelly. Do we literal eat and drink Christ or do we eat the Word which IS Spirit and IS Life?
See the Background to BABYLONIAN TITHING being promoted at Madison Church of Christ by C. Bruce White.
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Reviewed: A Pixel in a Greater Picture: The Emerging Church of Christ" by Fred Peatross.

Reviewed: Chapter 32: "Church must make Fleshly use of images, sound and vizualization. Worship should be a Spectacle." The view of the emerging church of Christ or "navigating the winds of change" sound amazingly like neo-paganism or witchcraft. 1/11/02

Commentary on E-Mail

Why Males in the Post-Biblical Effeminate Church are Disguised as Empty Pews: it Will Get Worse! "Of the Effeminate Willow-Creek "Holy Entertainment" System: "The cost of this approach is hard work and loads of strife with church insiders." Christianity Today

Introduction to the Praise Craze Which Has no Biblical or Historical Approval.
Nashville: A City Set on Seven Hills
11/10/01 The Unforgivable Sin.
The Tennessean Article About Madison Church of Christ and the Invasion of the Truth Snatchers.

The Post-Modern (post-biblical) Paradigm.

Preaching as "Worship" Facilitates The Educational System of False Doctrine.

Dominant Pastors and Elders Claiming Supernatural Authority. The Covenant of Membership. Elders are qualified by A holy spirit or mental disposition. They are not Vicars of the Holy Spirit as a separated member of the "god family." They lead because they are "apt to teach." This does not mean that "they are as apt to chase a coon as apt to teach the deep mysteries of the Word of God."

Anti-Traditionalist Coalition
Becoming All Things To All People
Worship and Consensus Facilitators
The New Wineskin
The Core Gospel
The Jubilee Movement of the Pope
Musical Worship
Dramatic or Theatrical Art
Hand Clapping
Getting rid of the song books
The Praise Leader
The Zoe Movement
Astarte, Easter Official Rituals Extra article
A Cappella From the Pope
Seduction Through Praise Songs
Look To the Hills
The Tulsa Workshop
The Community Church or Family of God
Willow Creek Community Church
Saddleback Community Church
Pepperdine, Straus Institute and Saddleback Community Church

Introduction to the Praise Craze Which Has no Biblical or Historical Approval

The clearly-avowed plan of the purpose driven pattern is to replace the assembly of the people and by the people with performing clergy and a pyramidal class of theatrical and musical performance. Rather than "go into all of the world" a class of dominant pastors has been spawned who believe that the church should make the audience feel good and make sure that no one frowns.

This is not a game of trivia: those who presume to be "praise leaders" or "worship leaders" got their ideas from others who are very patient going from "praise team" for non-regular services to sit down praise teams, to stand up praise teams, to female shepherds presiding over the flock with a tune, to instruments for devos, instruments for Sunday night and then instruments for Sunday Morning. It is a "purpose driven" agenda.

Charles Spurgeon: Feeding the Sheep or Amusing the Goats
Charismatic Wolves Steal in on Little Lambs Feet Wearing Sheepskins
"But, they all come out acting so happy and friendly and 'spiritual'." Sure, just like out of a football game or a Rock concert: they have been overdosed with endorphins which means "morphine-within." It produces the impulse to fight, flight or sex, depending on your level of anxiety. Click to see how you are brainwashed with music. Or, even further, learn more about how theatrical performers intend to make you love and worship them through a chemical high.
"The Community Church begins as a parasite feeding off a thriving organism." Gary McDade

In Islamic Worship, Iblis (SHAYTAAN) said: "What will be my book?"

"The Divine Answer came:

"Your writing will be to tattoo;
your reciting will be poetry;
your messengers will be the fortune-tellers and astrologists;
your food will be that food on which Bismillaah was not recited;
your drink will be alcohol;
your truth will be falsehood;
your home will be the toilets;
your net (to ensnare) will be women;
your muezzin will be the musical instruments,
and your musjid (venue) will be the market-place."

The goal was to "get the seekers" but was not spiritual worship. They found that "fat heads and simpletons" or those with no spiritual roots could be seduced with a song, dance and flute: "flute" from the Hebrew is related to pollute and prostitute.

> In most ancient paganism new wine (from new wineskins), music and sex and perverted sex all went together.

> The "authority" Paul outlawed is, in the literature of the time, SEXUAL AUTHORITY. When "Sister Singers" preside over the flock with a tune, the financial management of the church knows that Seekers get sucked in by the sexual (male or female) authority of theatrical performance. One cannot speak of "sincerity" in this case: sincerity does not change facts.

> Musical worship is simply is not remotely connected to the Christian religion. Nor, did the non--civil Jews ever "sing congregationally with instrumental accompaniment." On the contrary, the "music" concept in the New Testament is assigned to the end-time Babylonian Whore Church. It may be time to "come out of here" in its various groups.

> "Worship" as Jesus defined it is "in spirit" and the "worship" words in the epistles means to "give attendance to the Word" or "give heed" to the Words of Christ both in song and sermon. The goal is not a legalistic payoff to keep God from hurting you: the goal is that as you give attendance to Spirit Words, the Spirit of Christ is formed in your heart.

> Those who improvise in song and sermon are unwitting or half-witting agents to "take away the key to knowledge." And they are not unaware.

City Set on Seven Hills Under a Ten-Year Assualt

Using the schemes of Navigating the Winds of Change, "located evangelists" have been able to mobilize a host of destructive para-military-religious movements to keep all segments of the church focused on Nashville and it agents rather than upon the church which is not a pagan "worship center" but a "school" for edification of the body and the world. God said, "you offer the sacrifice to Me but you eat the meat yourself." He would say as He did throughout the Old Testament: "You offer the music to me but you get the excitement."

Here are the effort, some sincerely misunformed, which has been launched as an end-time

And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs (quacks) come out of the mouth of the dragon (called Sophia in Gnosticism), and out of the mouth of the beast (Called Zoe or Zao in Rev 16:3), and out of the mouth of the false prophet. Revelation 16:13

For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Revelation 16:14

Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked (for the gymnasium), and they see his shame. Revelation 16:15

Defining the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. Rom 1:27

And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. Revelation 16:16

Armageddon means here a place for "pouring out a great flood of misinformation." The second part of the word meand to "hold all around or to astonish people."

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Revelation 12: 9

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. Revelation 12:10

The accuser is part of the "market place" religion of the Seeker System. He is:

Accuser: Kategoros (g2725) kat-ay'-gor-os; from 2596 and 58; against one in the assembly, i.e. a complainant at law; spec. Satan: - accuser.

The second part of the word is:

Agora (g58) ag-or-ah'; from ageiro , (to gather; prob. akin to 1453); prop. the town-square (as a place of public resort); by impl. a market or thoroughfare: - marketplace, stree

Therefore, the accuser is "according to the marketplace."

This is where the Jews "accused" Jesus trying to force Him into the UNSEEMLY or naked dance of Dionysus and singing the songs of defeat by the effeminate. Click to see the picture. If you cannot grasp this then don't worry about it:

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. Matt 11:15

But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto [beaten] children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows (clan), Matt 11:16

And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented. Matt 11:17

Music manipulates; musicians are knowingly manipulating; they are trying to attract goats from the market place; and they are ANTI-CHRISTS.

As if by magic, those "taking away the key to knowledge" with musical performance had been content to rest on "the law of silence" or their authority as a "high church" to change the meaning of New Testament worship. Rarely did one attempt to define "Holy Entertainment" by the Bible although the Guilt Clause had always been used to blame the "dead person for spurting blood on his killer."

However, suddenly, in the mid 90'a as if rallied into action by some supernatural power, men suddenly turned like wolves on the sheep who had refused to dance when they piped.

The mantra is absolutely the same as if being poured out of one mouth: The non-instrumental churches of Christ are guilty of all of the woes in Christendom for not playing instruments as "worship." Here are some of the messengers we have reviewed:

Some reviews of those writing against the non-instrumental practice-- Olan Hicks: Guilt Clause and The Law of Silence--Pharisees and Hypocrites-- Passing The Guilt Clause-- Al Maxey--Robert Beasley--Dallas Burdette--Joe Beam--Edward Fudge--Paul Woodhouse--Grace Centered Magazine--Bill Swetmon at Freed Hardeman --Fred Peatross on Clapping--Fred Peatross on Spectacle Worship--Jeff Walling Sister Singers--Jeff Walling Index Plus on Dancing Jack Reese Trivializes--Dan Dozier--Al Maxey--Table of Dunning-Downen

However, the blood of the lamb and the WORD is the only thing which will save you from the most outrageous notion in the history of the Bible: that contrary to many statements otherwise, God insists that He wants to be worshiped with "music" or "the works of human hands."

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. Revelation 12: 11

And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Rev 19:10

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time. Revelation 12: 12

And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted (pursued) the woman which brought forth the man child. Rev 12:13

And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time [3 1/2 years], from the face of the serpent. Rev 12:14

And the serpent [artful, sly, cunning, malicious person] cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. Rev 12:15

And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done. Revelation 16:17

And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. Revelation 16:18

And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. Revelation 16:19


God Said (1 Kings 19:11) that His voice is not in the strong winds, earthquakes or fires. Rather, Karen Armstrong wrote that God speakes "in the voice of a whispered silence." (v. 12) or a gentle whisper.

If you are not sittting down, shutting up and listening to the "word as it has been delivered to you" then your shepherts are anti-christs selling you the lust of the eyes, ears and flesh. If they are USING (their common term) "women in our services" in a non-sedentary role they they are USING authentia or unlawful sexual authority to rule over you.


And the fruits that thy soul lusted [makes you breath hard] after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly [limp, soft, bright] are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all. Rev 18:14

The merchants [selling CDs] of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, Rev 18:15

And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls Rev 18:16

For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, Rev 18:17

The eternal fires are reserved for you at Topheth, once king Solomon's music grove:

King/queen of Babylon: All your pomp has been brought down to the grave, along with the noise of your harps; maggots are spread out beneath you and worms cover you. Isa 14:11

King/queen of Tyre: Take up a harp, walk through the city, O prostitute forgotten; play the harp well, sing many a song, so that you will be remembered [a a male]." Isa 23:16

The End Time Babylon Whore church: And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone [grinders were concubines or prostitutes] shall be heard no more at all in thee; Rev 18:22

Then these anti-Christian forces have the nerve to declare that "we are failing" but if you will buy our program we will tell you how to regenerate souls through external means. This is the oldest scam known to ancient history. Click to read the Genun story someday.

Perhaps, as in Europe, the sooner Satan turns the mega-churches into museums, dance halls or theaters the sooner those "outside the walls" can get on with the only task the church has: to go, teach, baptize and teach. It needs no Babylonian ministry team to do that.

Here are a few more details of some of the highly-mobilized schemes (Yes, there is a conspiracy! Why else would you tell us there is no consipiracy?)

The Post-Modern (post-biblical) Paradigm (that's a pattern, you know)

Click to see a table of the meaning of Post Modern as Post Biblical, Rubel Shelly etal.

Narrative theology says that there is no absolute truth even in the Bible, except perhaps "seven facts about Jesus." There are story lines which are just "Jewish Legends." However, we may, according to Henry Blackaby, get our "assignment" directly from God just as Moses or Jesus got theirs. Furthermore, we can do greater things as the Jesus for our church or family or a 13th apostle.

Narrative Theolgy as it flows from pop literature into the Nashville pulpits is detailed here.

Rubel Shelly and John York did a series on the Exodus. In the retrospective they claim to have taken liberties with the Biblical record and recommend that others do the same thing. In our version as validated by all of the scholars we have ever consulted, God gave Israel a Covenant of Grace at Mount Sinai. Israel returned to their Egyptian, musical idolatry. God then "turned them over to worship the starry host" (Acts 7). When they fired God and demanded a human "pastor" God further turned Israel loose for the kings to destroy and lead them into destruction.

Those on the "team" of the Starry Host further insist that David's music was a pattern for spiritual worship.

Amos 5 and 6 details the modern "theatrical" or "entertainment" model of the worship of the stars with wine, women, instruments and worse. In Judah this included loud instrumental music as they burned babies in the red hot arms of an iron or bronze idol. The screams made a joyful noise before their gods. There is nothing which has probably "burned more babies" than the false ethics created by the "musical performers."

Rubel Shelly and John york interpret this fall beyond redemption as a "pattern for Christian worship and community."

"Paul goes on to describe the wilderness not as a horrible, God-forsaken, God-absent event, but as a God-surrounded event. God was active everywhere in everything. His language of baptism in the cloud and in the sea correspond with the Corinthians' baptism in water and the Holy Spirit.

They ate and drank spiritual food and spiritual drink, just like the Corinthians were eating and drinking the Lord's Supper.

But, Paul said that they were not even meeting to eat the Lord's Supper. In 11:5 after condemning the uncovered prophesying by the women which was "singing, playing instruments, and speaking in tongues" just as they had in the pagan oracles.

In 1 Cor 11:17 Paul said first about the Lord's Supper: "Your assemblies do more harm than good."

And the Corinthians also "rose up to play" and Paul never advanced beyond calling them carnal. This was the reason Paul resolved to "just preach Jesus over and over until some got the point."

So, who are you going to believe?

Now, the heavy hand of Narrative Theology comes crashing down:

"Paul even uses a Jewish legend about the water actually following the people around in the desert to say that Christ himself was present with those people just like he is with the Corinthians. They were hemmed in on all sides by God and God-activity.

But, perhaps Paul got the idea from reading Exodus and knowing a bit about the fact that Jesus was the Rock, the Manna, the Pillar. If this is just Jewish Legend according to Shelly and York then the Bible is is not true.

God 'wandered them' in the wilderness for another 37 years until the Egypt-Polluted idolaters died out. Some hemming in!

Sorry, but the publication of this series of sermons has been cut off from access for review and critique.

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Anti-Traditionalist Coalition. The Heglian Dialectic defines a sorcerer's method of navigating the winds of change. It is the method of Machiavelli showing how a Prince can make himself into a dictator. It is the method of Adolf Hitler.

The first thing they have to do is keep up a drum-beat of equating members of the non-instrumental churches of Christ to fire bombers of restaurants, bombers of clinics, brother killers, racists, and on and on.

This follows the teachings of the master propagandist Goebels, of Nazi fame, who taught that

'if you repeat a lie often enough, the public will believe it'.

Some reviews of those writing against the non-instrumental practice-- Olan Hicks: Guilt Clause and The Law of Silence--Pharisees and Hypocrites-- Passing The Guilt Clause-- Al Maxey--Robert Beasley--Dallas Burdette--Joe Beam--Edward Fudge--Paul Woodhouse--Grace Centered Magazine--Bill Swetmon at Freed Hardeman --Fred Peatross on Clapping--Fred Peatross on Spectacle Worship--Jeff Walling Sister Singers--Jeff Walling Index Plus on Dancing Jack Reese Trivializes--Dan Dozier--Al Maxey--Table of Dunning-Downen

Rubel Shelly's Views of Instruments:

Suddenly, those on the payroll of non-instrument churches of Christ have magically banded together to flood the college lectureships, "christian" journals, book stores, sermonizing and the Internet to make the same false charge using the same sentence structure. It reminds you of political spin agents.

This is the guilt clause: Adam used it and it was used on Jesus, Paul, Luther, Calvin, Campbell and the modern church of Christ: "You shoot me in the heart with a 357 magnum, I squirt blood on your tutu, you do a clever ballet kick to a soft spot on my way down and scream that I have upset your theatrical performance."

The Babylonian tablets associate instrumental worship as a gift from the deamons. The Bible universally shows instrumental music (yes, even in the temple) as a sign that people had not and would not listen to His quiet Word. The Bible associates instrumental music with the "prostitute" religion of the king of Tyre, the king of Babylon and the end-time Babylonian Whore.

Scholars until about 1878 among some enlightened Disciples agreed that the Bible associates instrumental music and exciting singing with the prostitute or prostitute religion of paganism.

When the American Restoration came out of the Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians all of these groups rejected instrumental music.

The Disciples sowed discord and took over churches in order to help "pay off the debt" and be a theater.

Churches of Christ continued the 1900 Biblical practice of teaching through song.

Therefore, to claim that churches of Christ are divisive is to use the same logic which makes God's abandoning Israel to idolatry into a 'pattern for Christian worship and community.' Nonesense.

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Becoming All Things To All People

Part of the scam is that in order to reach the world we have to quite being so "Christian" and therefore "despised and rejected by men" and BECOME AS MUCH LIKE THE WORLD AS POSSIBLE.

Dr. Rubel Shelly has addressed this at length claiming that Paul actually worshiped like the Jews in the temple.

By honoring only the seven facts about Christ as the core gospel, it is easy to "take liberties" with the exodus and John's story about Jesus and make them say whatever we want them to say.

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Worship and Consensus Facilitators. When you get into trouble the trouble makers suggest a Change Agent trained to facilitate the direction the charismatics want to go. Musical facilitator means "manipulator." Read Paul Procter's story of how the Willow Creek or Saddleback facilitates and don't hesitate to use threats.

Perhaps the first "Musical Worship Facilitator" was at Woodmont in Nashville. The advertising was that as a trained theatrical and music major he could help "lead the worshipers into the presence of God." That means that the facilitator (manipulator) and the team become the mediators between man and God.

The "old decadent and deleterious" (that means rotten and destructive) church of Christ is not unique. Anytime a Willow Creek or Saddleback socialist organization begin,s the first step is to claim that "Southern Baptist" or other group name "stands in our way." Machiavelli and Marx are gone but not forgotten in a power play which has nothing spiritual as motivation.

Hitler's change processes relied heavily upon musical and theatrical performance and were consequently infiltrated with homosexuality. They thus attracted the "human material" to their sect.

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The New Wineskin: The coded message is that Jesus put the gospel and the kingdom into a new wineskin. Because the kingdom and gospel did not begin with Jesus or end with Jesus it is still bubbling, changing and developing. Therefore, the "old church of Christ" is a rotten and destructive wineskin. To solve the problem, a few latter-day apostles have been appointed "by the sovereign grace of God" to "burn down" the old and renew it. Dr. Rubel Shelly and Randy Harris use the image of the Aztec's jubilee. This will allow the kingdom and gospel Jesus couldn't complete (the meaning of premillenialism) to continue to bubble like new, intoxicating wine. The new wineskin, in the Catholic model, must be large enough for all of the "lost children" to return to the "mother church. The Book of Jubilees sees Messiah's kingdom beginning before Jesus was born.

A schoolboy would know what any housewife knows: you don't can grape juice in last year's old, dirty fruit jars. First, you sterialize the juice, clean and steralize the jars and then seal the jar and you have fresh grape juice (fruit of the vine) all year long, even for Passover.

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The Core Gospel is not just new theology: it is something which Christ as the Spirit knew nothing about. The Pharisees defended the "core" of the Old Testament but they were post-modern in the sense that their TRADITIONS were replacing their own "apple" to the stripped-bare "apple core" of God's Word. They did this to meet the needs of the times. They also made long prayers or sermons and stole widow's houses either through "pledges" or by deceptively-negotiated wills.

Paul directed his "just Jesus and Him crucified" core gospel to the Corinthians when he discovered that they were--lock, stock and barrel--all carnal people. The "just Jesus" core gospel, lifted without the brain, is the preacher telling you that "you are still carnal, you are still not Christians, you are unable to eat the meat of the Word, so I will keep on feeding you milk until you get on your knees as God did to take on a body doomed to be despised and rejected and ultimately murdered." See that the Core Gospel was Paul's insulting condemnation of Corinth.

This is the fallacy of turning over the teaching role to pseudo-Christian institutions which have never failed to become the collectors of the world's polluted theology and polluters.

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The Jubilee Movement of the Pope. This was the Pope's call in 1987 for a grand Jubilee 2000 when they hoped that everyone would be brought back under the "mother church." That is why it is important for the supporters to accept any religious view as long as it isn't against one great, world-wide "fellowship."

Jubilee sends the coded word that you still need "an atonement" which mother church will give you. Furthermore Jubilee meant to restore all of the "private property" (denominations or congregations) back to the tribe (mother church). The "Aztec" image of their 52 year and 52 week Jubilee was called upon by Rubel Shelly and Randy Harris to justify "burning down the old structures and rebuilding." They did not know that up to 20,000 people died to "facilitate" the priests in "holding up the sky for one more year."

The Pre-Christian Period Book of Jubilees Notes:

The Book of Jubilees:

Jubilee picks up this eternal theme:

And they will forget all My law and all My commandments and all My judgments,
        and will go Jubilees 1:14
as to new moons, and sabbaths, and festivals, and jubilees, and ordinances. Jubilees 1: 15

And after this they will turn to Me from amongst the Gentiles with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength, and I will gather them from amongst all the Gentiles, and they will seek me, so

The book of Jubilees is closely related to the Book of Enoch and other versions which declare that "God will come with ten thousands of His host to execute vengeance." Upon whom? The primary sin was seducing peoples minds off God's word through the use of instrumental music and choirs.

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Musical Worship. The word music is from the Greek "symphonia." While not true harmony, "music" is related in the entire Bible only to a secular party where music implied singing and dancing. The other rare use of the word "music" is to say that the musicians and instruments of the end time Babylonian whore religion

Rejoice over her, O heaven! Rejoice, saints and apostles and prophets! God has judged her for the way she treated you.'" Rev 18:20

Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea, and said: "With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down, never to be found again. Rev 18:21

The music (artificial tone) of harpists and musicians, flute players and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again. No workman of any trade will ever be found in you again. The sound of a millstone (Heb. "grinders" were prostitutes) will never be heard in you again. Re.18:22

The light (truth of Jesus) of a lamp will never shine in you again. The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again. Your merchants were the world's great men. By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. Rev 18:23

This is the finest oxymoron ever invented by Satan. The word "music" does not appear in the Hebrew or Greek except in a secular sense of singing and dancing or the end-time Babylonian Whore musical teams who did not serve God but the commercial seeker sensuality of Rome and her latter-day sisters. The "musicians" were overseers or straw bosses and their "worship" was hard labor, bondage which Christ died to remove.

As a result, a very illiterate and hostile 20th century effort has been to take away all Biblical and historical knowledge about so-called "music" in the Bible.

However, the word "music" is a secular or pagan practice which most often, in the classics, included dancing and reveling. Among the Greeks "singing" was clearly secular and "joining the voice to instrument" was considered so crude that only illiterate, slave prostitutes "performed." Even the goddess Athene threw away the flute.

Would Yahweh rejoice in what made the "goddess" Athene blush!

In Acts 1:20 psalmos is the book of Psalms and in Rom. 15: sing is psallo.

"Psallo is best translated by chant, (Paul uses the word "speak" in order to make melody in the heart)
        not sing.
The Greeks sharply distinguish chanting (psalmodia)
singing (tragoudi).
The first is a
sacred activity;
second (singing), a secular one. In English, unfortunately,
        the distinction is not sharp..
Constantine Cavarnos

Not many (How many? Not many) of our preachers and elders are aware that music in religion is what Smith's Bible Dictionary calls idolatry. It sealed the doom of Israel already virtually pronounced on them before they left Egypt.

"The triumphal hymn of Moses had unquestionably a religious character about it; but
        the employment of music in religious services, though idolatrous,
        is more distinctly marked in the festivities which attended the
erection of the golden calf." (Smith's Bible Dictionary, Music, p. 589).

The temple "music" is not called "music" but noise or sounding: during the slaughter and burning of huge quantities of dead animals the Levites made a loud crashing noise to hide the horrors of sin and to keep the people's "congregation" away.

The instruments of David were always associated with that part of the temple-state animal sacrifice which involved king or Commanders of the Army or temple and are never called "the instruments of God."

There was no music or "praise service" in the synagogue which was the approved model for the church. The Greek word for synagogue is ekklesia erroneously translated as "church."

Truly, in fulfillment of Isaiah 5 when the "dominant pastors" deliberately and gleefully "broke down the walls" to God's vineyard while they engaged in musical, new wineskins religious festivals. God finished the work so that the BEASTS could come in and trample down the vineyard.

The Israelite people's congregation never "sang congregationally with instrumental music." The loud instruments were for animal burning or boasting (prophesying) for the civil temple but the common people were quarantined from this because it was a "like the nations" ceremony.

The people synagogued (verb mowed) during all of Israel's history when they assembled. During this time, trumpets and making a joyful noise was prohibited. Music is strikingly absent during the intertestament period except for warfare, temple purification or some other national ceremony. There was no praise service in the Synagogue during the time of Jesus nor until AD 1815 in a liberal synagogue which sowed discord and brought about a lawsuit. See also Jewish Liturgical Music.

People always praised God but there was no legalistic "praise service" in the early church. However, they obeyed Jesus' practice and Paul's command to "teach" rather than "sing" as the important word in teaching ONLY the Words of Christ or Spirit. Conservative churches which sing "Twila Paris" (the new Fanny Crosby) also violate that direct command and give tacit permission to "go all the way." Like the musical idolatry at Mount and in many passages, this says to God: "We don't want to hear your words, we had rather listen to our words interpreting your words." Or more likely, perverting the words of Jesus and teaching false doctrine and emasculating the body.

Jesus' best "proof text" against music is that the Temple would again be destroyed and animal sacrifices cease. When animal sacrifices ceased and the Jews exited Jerusalem they understood that the music of the sacrificial system was dead. And so it was until AD 1815 in a liberal synagogue which also had to go to court to steal the synagogue property. (see the synagogue link above).

Modern Jews are still looking for all of those tens of thousands of harps which will be required, and legal, only when the temple is rebuilt as surely it will be someday just in time to get torn down again.

Like the Lucifer (ZOE) agent as King of Babylon, we suggest that the harps all probably burned up on an eternal fire on a bed of maggots just like the original king/queen of Babylon and the end-time king/queen of religion promised in Revelation 18.

Thy pomp is brought down to the grave, and the noise of thy viols: the worm is spread under thee, and the maggots cover thee. Is.14:11

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Hand Clapping

See Dr. Rubel Shelly promoting the Hand Clap.
See Fred Peatross on clapping

Clapping has historically been to show contempt for the looser. Did you know that the theater and even some churches used "professional clappers?" They were the ones who induced artificial feelings for the decreed winners. Those left out are "loosers" and don't ever forget it. When God shows contempt he claps His "hands." It would be expected that where theatrical performers have kicked Christ out and made "church" into their "worship entertainment center" would also have their tag-alongs stragetically located to applaud or to "beef up" the weak singers. These are professional clappers.

In Justin's Dialog with Trypho the Jew he translates Amos:
Who applaud at the sound of the musical instruments;
they reckon them as stable, and not as fleeting.
Who drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the chief ointments,
but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph.
We do know that Jesus read the Septuagint which reads:
who excel in the sound of musical instruments;
they have regarded them as abiding, not as fleeting pleasure." Amos 6:5 LXX

The professional Singer was more important than the lay singers because they had a greater memory and therefore greater status. Ceremonials were often signs of "conspicious consumption" in which the "patient" was summoned and guests invited to the "cure" to show that the family had "arrived" at respectability and honor. The Singer gets good results because his illness is often psychological and the Singer doesn't cost as much as a trained counselor. In addition, s/he has the power to move the worshiper into the presence of the gods. Amazingly, "I brought you into the presence of God and He is Me!!"

Speaking directly to the Willow Creek and their "children" as well as Saddleback, the new competition,

"he is more than a mortal and at times becomes
        identified with the supernaturals,
        speaking in their voices
and telling the hearers that all is well.
prestige, mysticism, and power of the ceremonial itself are active,
        coming directly from the supernatural powers that build up the growing earth in spring,
        drench it with rain, or tear it apart with lightening.

In the height of the chant the patient himself becomes one of the Holy People,
        puts his feet in
their moccasins, and breathes in the strength of the sun.
        He comes into
complete harmony with the universe and must of course be free of all ills and evil...
        there will be an
upswing of reawakened memories,
old melodies bearing him on emotional waves to feelings of security."
        (Goldschmidt, Walter, Exploring the Ways of Mankind, p. 515, Holt, Rinehart and Winston)

"For such are the begging priests of Cybele. Hence Antisthenes replies appropriately to their request for alms:
I do not maintain the mother of the gods,
For the gods maintain her."
"Again, the same writer of comedy, expressing his dissatisfaction with the common usages, tries to expose the impious arrogance of the prevailing error in the drama of the Priestess, sagely declaring: --
If a man drags the Deity
Whither he will by the sound of cymbals,
He that does this is greater than the Deity;
"But these are the instruments of audacity and means of living Invented by men. --(Clement, Exhortation to the Heathen, Ante-Nicene, II, p. 193).

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Dramatic or Theatrical Art

Lynn Anderson wrote about Dancing on the Rim:

"Aldous Huxley once wrote that human beings are "multiple amphibians"--creatures designed to make our way through many worlds at once: social, spiritual, emotional, cerebral, aesthetic, sexual, psychological, and so forth. But, he added, since the industrial revolution harnessed our energies to production and the technological revolution turned us into information manipulators, we tend to live primarily in the two logical worlds: those of data and productivity. These worlds are crowding out our "other worlds," which are thus atrophying. As a result, we are losing touch with what it means to be human.

Aldous Huxley is used as "proof-master" for worshiping the "god of newness" but Huxley also said:

Abused as we abuse it at present, dramatic art is in no sense cathartic; it is merely a form of emotional masturbation. It is the rarest thing to find a player who has not had his character affected for the worse by the practice of his profession.

Nobody can make a habit of self-exhibition, nobody can exploit his personality for the sake of exercising a kind of hypnotic power over others, and remain untouched by the process. From Source

A man who strains himself on the stage is bound, if he is any good, to strain all the people sitting in the stalls. Bertolt Brecht
actor searches vainly for the sound of a vanished tradition, and critic and audience follow suit.

We have lost all sense of ritual and ceremony -- whether it be connected with Christmas, birthdays or funerals -- but the words remain with us and old impulses stir in the marrow.

We feel we should have rituals, we should do something about getting them and we blame the artists for not finding them for us.

So the artist sometimes attempts to find new rituals with only his imagination as his source: he imitates the outer form of ceremonies, pagan or baroque, unfortunately adding his own trapping -- the result is rarely convincing. And after the years and years of weaker and waterer imitations we now find ourselves rejecting the very notion of a holy stage.

It is not the fault of the holy that it has become a middle-class weapon to keep the children good. Peter (Stephen Paul) Brook

See our collection of notes on Drama as Satan's Weapon.

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Getting rid of the song books: The old "church" is literally replaced by a theater. The congregation is silenced. One way to do that is to get rid of the old song books which do some little teaching and replacing them with a large screen version of the songs which many of the older people cannot read.

While large-screen TVs or Projection computers and PowerPoint and other great inventions could be turned into a powerful way to teach the Word, history, archeology and other topics, the avowed purpose of some of the Seeker forms of church-turned-theater is to ultimately silence all but the performers. While this would be the most attractive, exciting and entertaining form of "ritual" it sees the magical word "MUSIC" where the Holy Spirit has not hinted at its use for spiritual worship.

People will tell you that getting rid of anything in the hands of the "audience" is to make them spectators of the pagentry. This "rising up to play" has no teaching or correction of the soul in mind. Rather, the goal of Saddleback or Willow Creek is to make everyone feel good about themselves ala Robert Schuler.

This was Satan's first line of attack inherent in the story of Jubal and in all of he extra-Biblical material beginning right off the ark at the Towers of Babylon.

Rather, worship means reverence. It means awe. It also means dread because God has agreed to meet us in the Holy Place of our spirit in confrontation with Him as pure or Holy Spirit. And yet, this act is still dangerous. When we go even boldly into the Holy Place we should understand that we there submit our spirit to His Spirit for teaching, correction and even pretty hard discipline because we are sons and not bastards.

The worship of the Jews while the civil leaders was conducting the national animal sacrifices was to fall on the face and pray.

In the Christian system, we "fall on our face" in a spiritual sense. That is, the only truly worship word in either the Old or New Testament is to "give heed" to the Word or to "seek" God who is pure Spirit. Jesus said that God only seeks those who are seeking Him in Spirit as it is devoted to truth which is His Word. Paul makes that point over and over but only rarely uses the words "sing" and "melody" to define the inward teaching and discipline of spiritual worship.

That simply cannot be accomplished when others are making noise: yes, God never identified it as "music" but as noise or sounding.

This doesn't matter because they will be silenced and made "spectators" to witness the "team" as idols performing to make them happy. The Spirit is silenced and demonic spirits are allowed to do their satyr dance before your appreciative eyes.

They don't want the song books because the focus is supposed to be on the team.

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The Praise Leader was the Precentor in the Catholic church which McClintock and Strong identify as the "first heresy largely pervading the church." The praise leader or praise team performed in the belief that they had a magical effect to enable the gods to do their work. In Nashville the first Musical Worship Facilitator (manipulator) was hired as a professional to help "lead the worshipers into the presence of God." Then why should not the praise and dance teams claim that "we are priests" or "we are mediators between man and God" or "we are the platform upon which God lands." They are literally "standing in the holy place claiming to be God."

The ancient and modern superstition of "praise rituals" was that they "SUSTAINED and ENHANCED the god's power to do such deeds." There is no command, example or remote inference that God ever commanded, commended or needs the Body of Christ or Assembly to assist Him by supplying extra human power by converting synagogue (school) to "PRAISE RITUAL" (the most ancient pagan superstition). This is saying "Lord, Lord" without doing what Christ commands: yea, denying that He has any commands: Saying (not asking) hast God really said thou shalt not." But taking minor liberties with Paul: "fools love to be fooled."

Jesus called the Jewish clergy children playing their pipes hoping to get Him into the Dionysic, effeminate song and dance which plagued Jerusalem and all ancient and modern priesthoods.

This Background to the Vineyard-like commercial "Mediating Worship Teams" and the Babylonian Encomiast as Praise Leader to empower the gods has been provided by request along with the requested review of the frequently-present bad press for churches of Christ in the latest Tennessean article.

Synonymns for Flatterer. -- N. flatterer, adulator; eulogist, euphemist; optimist, encomiast, laudator[Lat], whitewasher. toady, toadeater [obs]; sycophant, courtier, Sir Pertinax MacSycophant; flaneur[Fr], proneur[Fr]; puffer, touter[obs], claqueur[Fr]; clawback[obs], earwig, doer of dirty work; parasite, hanger-on &c. (servility) 886. yes-man, suckup, ass-kisser [vulgar], brown-noser [vulgar], teacher's pet.

Her prophets whitewash these deeds for them by false visions and lying divinations. They say, 'This is what the Sovereign LORD says'--when the LORD has not spoken. Eze.22:28 [Is that the law of silence?]

Taphel (h8602) taw-fale'; from an unused root mean. to smear; plaster (as gummy) or slime; (fig.) frivolity: - foolish things, unsavoury, untempered.

Tophel (h8603) to'-fel; from the same as 8602; quagmire; Tophel, a place near the Desert: - Tophel. (hell itself where the king/queen of Babylon will go with his/her musicians)

The Praise Leader From The Core of Babylon

In order to corrupt a church you first have to "take away the keys to knowledge." This is done by a modern invention called "preaching."

Preaching cares little for the Biblical Text as the Spirit of Christ delivered it. Rather, by taking the "somewhat-useless" words of Christ, preaching constructs a modern Narrative Theology Pattern. This is supposed to have the magical power of making people conform to the preacher's view of Christ. But there are "gods many and Christs many."

In Israel, musical worship starved the people for hunger and thirst for the Word but the "elders" did not know the Word, did not care about the Word, did not care about the flock and therefore did not care about God.

The second method of taking away the key to knowledge is to take away the revealed words of the Spirit Christ (1 Peter 1:11) through the prophets and apostles in singing. This is done by making "songs" or "hymns" into a "musical" form or Narrative Theology. Even Alexander Campbell seemed convinced that singing was a magical act while the message was less important.

But, we "worship" whatever we "give attention to." If it is theatrical performers then we are worshiping the actors (hypocrites in Greek). If we are listening to Twila Paris in "praise songs" teaching false doctrine then we are worshiping Twila Paris. Therefore, one writer asks: "are contemporary hymns idols?" We suggest, yes.

Robertson has called theatrical performance in song and sermon "the idolatry of talent." And now they are "standing in the holy places."

"There is, in our day, a marvelous idolatry of talent; it is strange and a grievous thing to see how men bow down before genius and success.

Draw the distinction sharp and firm between these two things--goodness is one thing, talent is another. It is an instructive fact that the son of Man came not as a scribe, but as a poor working man. He was a teacher, but not a Rabbi. When once the idolatry of talent enters the Church, then farewell to spirituality; when men ask their teachers, not for that which will make them more humble and God-like, but for the excitement of an intellectual banquet, then farewell to Christian progress.' (F. W. Robertson, Hastings on 1 Cor. p. 10).

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The Zoe Movement is a movement which believes, like the Saddleback group, that it trains singers, dancers and theatrical performance to be the worship ministers. At Saddleback, the church has been disbanded, and the theatrical performers and rock, rap, hip hop, and other instrumental bands provide entertainment theater. ZOE is a second incarnation of Eve and now Mary (the mother of God). This is the most ancient feminist "gospel" that Sophia (wisdom) was the serpent and Zoe was the beast. Little "jehovah" did not have a brain in his head so they breathed life into him. Then they made Jehovah, our God, organize "ministers of music" with harps and lyres. "Jehovah" hated Zoe but He was forced to sing and play in order to worship Sophia and Zoe. Musical worship teams still insist that you worship them.

This is not ancient myth: this is the present-perfect-tense nature of most worship in the "Christian" religion where music is the weapon of choice (weapon, instrument same Hebrew and Greek words).

We worship whatever or whomever we give attention to. Catholicism is devoted to goddess worship: she is Eve, Mary, Sophia, Zoe. Mormons and Masons have Lucifer (the senior brother of Jesus?) as their god/goddess. And most feminists worship honors "the gods chosen by women" which is Sophia or Sophia-Zoe which is Mary worship or Mother Goddess worship. Paul warned you.

The authority Paul outlawed is "sexual authority."

Sophia (Wisdom in Proverbs) freed herself from Christ and produced an "abortion" called Yaldabaoth or the arrogant tribal, creator God of the Old Testament. He appeared as a serpent and just thought that he was god.

And Jubal (horn blowing, jubilee) is the father or instructor of all those who HANDLE musical instruments. Handle means "without warrant" or "without authority." In the Gnostic religions in your local congregation Jubal was used by His father/mother, Lucifer, to seduce the holy people "DOWN FROM THE HILLS" using mixed-sex choirs, instrumental music and new wineskins.

Handle is akin to "tambourine" and topheth: a place of smiting and a show of contempt (Hand Clapping is a show of contempt for the losers). This was where they "smitheth" the children in the red hot arms of Molech as they "smitheth" or handled the musical instruments to "get an oracle from the demon"--the same one musically worshiped at Mount Sinai and in the Amos warning.

Halal (1984) haw-lal'; a prim. root; to be clear (orig. of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence to make a show, to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causat. to celebrate; also to stultify, make, fool (-ish, -ly), glory, give [light], be (make, feign self) mad (against), give in marriage, [sing, be worthy of] praise, rage, renowned, shine.

Heylel (h1966) hay-lale'; from 1984 (in the sense of brightness); the morning-star: - Lucifer.

And Lucifer is ZOE dominating the "minor jehovahs" and forcing them into organizing musical worship bands.

And Zoe (Life giver, enlightener, female instructor), the daughter of Pistis Sophia, cried out and said to him, "You are mistaken, Sakla!" - for which the alternative name is androgynous.

She breathed into his face, and her breath became a fiery angel for her; and that angel bound Yaldabaoth (Jehovah) and cast him down into Tartaros below the abyss.

Now when his offspring Sabaoth saw the force of that angel, he repented and condemned his father and his mother, matter.

He loathed her, but he sang songs of praise up to Sophia and her daughter Zoe.

And Sophia and Zoe caught him up and gave him charge of the seventh heaven, below the veil between above and below. And he is called 'God of the forces, Sabaoth', since he is up above the forces of chaos, for Sophia established him.

Now when these (events) had come to pass,

he made himself a huge four-faced chariot of cherubim,
and infinitely many angels to act as ministers,
and also harps and lyres.
And Sophia took her daughter Zoe
and had her (ZOE) sit upon his right to teach him (Jehovah) about the
things that exist in the
eighth (heaven);
and the angel of wrath she placed upon his left.
Since that day, his right has been called 'life' (ZOE);
and the left has come to represent the unrighteousness

of the realm of absolute power above.
It was before your time that they came into being.

Zoe is defined in the same image of Lucifer, the light-bearer or "the female instructing principle." He/she is seen in the Bible as the king/queen of Tyre as "the harp-playing prostitute", as the king/queen of Babylon whose harps went with him/her into hell. She is the end-time (now?) Babylonian whore whose musicians will be destroyed with her. This is the only use of the word "music" in worship--Lucifer worship.

Heylel is the Hebrew for Lucifer. He/She was bisexual but primarily feminine. She is the harp-playing prostitute king/queen of Tyre and the king/queen of Babylon whose harps went into Sheol with her. She is also the end-time Babylonian whore religion of Revelation 18 who will go back into Sheol with her music and musicians.

Heylel, or Lucifer, is derived from Halal usually meaning to "make yourself vile."

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Halal (hallel, etc) in Islamic "kosher meat." However, in Hebrew it is the singing, dancing, instrument playing act of '"making self vile" in the hopes that God will not punish the insane. David's "praise" was most often of this kind when he had "lost God" and feared that God would take his spirit (life) from him.

Halal (h1984) haw-lal'; a prim. root; to be clear (orig. of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence to make a show, to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causat. to celebrate; also to stultify: - (make) boast (self), celebrate, commend, (deal, make), fool (- ish, -ly), glory, give [light], be (make, feign self) mad (against), give in marriage, [sing, be worthy of] praise, rage, renowned, shine.

Heylel (h1966) hay-lale'; from 1984 (in the sense of brightness); the morning-star: - lucifer.

All your pomp has been brought down to the sheol, along with the noise of your harps; maggots are spread out beneath you and worms cover you. Isaiah 14:11

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isaiah 14:12

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A Cappella From the Pope

Then we have A Cappella which was a marriage with religion and music as the end-time Babylonian Whore religion (Revelation 18). In the 1700s the "singers" were all once male but their style of singing and their vocal skills were female (castrates) and their garb female. In this way a cappella had the power to sexually seduce both males and females. This provided for the Popes enjoyment in the Sistine Chapel into which instruments could no more go any more than the "holy place" of the Jewish temple.

A cappella is "organum" or after the pipe organ but not after the Bible. A cappella used the keyboard concept to organize vocal bands.

Therefore, to reject instruments but to permit vocal bands is just a legalism.

This was intimately associated with the high male soprano who were sexually mutilated to make their effeminate singing voices continue on into manhood. Therefore, A Cappella in the chorus sense was one of the primary scandals of Catholicism.

"Castratos are said to have been the world's first superstars, because of the great sums paid to them for their singing, and scheduled engagements that took them to cities across Europe, to please their enthusiastic followers."

A cappella does not mean "ala church." It means in the manner of the chapel or cathedral. Even in 1913 it was not legal to play musical instruments in the presence of the Pope (jesus) in the Sistine chapel. Therefore, in the 1700's they used "organum" or "after the pipe organ" to organize male choirs who were often castrated to keep them feminine and dressed in gowns. Click for more.

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Seduction Through Praise Songs

See the sexual meaning of "praise songs."

Neuterizing the Males: Heredotus

About the time Jubilee came blowing in on an alien wind, there was an outbreak of the "laughing exercises" in Nashville and an expressed desire in Murfreesboro to "recreate the Caneridge" awakening which looked more like ancient and modern fire worship than Christianity. The change agents still lust to "restore" Caneridge rather than New Testament Christianity. Click to see what is in store. ... Click to see the similarity to devil worship.

Historians have noted that these revivals were always fueled by largely-disenfranchised "pastors" having trouble converting from evangelists to "located evangelists" and disenfranchised women. Real males were not just irrellgious but they were opposed to "rituals" which have historically been fueled by emotional and even sexual abnormality.

As in many of the ancient traditions (they would call it history) Lucifer being bisexual created his "elders" to subvert both male and female:

This is why under the feminist/effeminate "pastors" (85% according to Navigators and probably higher in Catholicism) the Jubals are truly dominated by the true feminists (Sophia, Zoe, Mary, Lucifer). This woman rebelled against the "minor jehovahs" because she insisted on the "superior position" in the "garden" and elsewhere. So when female / effeminates rule OVER you with a tune you had better beware that, in the words of Jesus, you may be hatching a den of vipers. Feminists confess that the authority Paul outlawed is "sexual authority."

Before the "new style praise song book" among us, its "mother" came out of the Vineyard movement where the "worship" feelings the young and immature people are seduced with is having sex with God.

The creed of the Vineyard-influenced "praise song books" ends with the two most important parts of pastor-feminine led pagan "worship."

I watched a preacher using the Black sing-song preaching style claim to be leading the congregation into copulating with God and the Spirit. Right out of Voodoo and Africa as the probably Hamitic source of Babylonian musical fertility rituals came the drum beat inherent in most "gospel" songs where the hand clapping and swaying has always been associated with "making the Spirit come."

The fourth phase is described as "God Visits His People when "Expression then moves to a zenith, a climactic point, not unlike physical lovemaking... We have expressed what is in our hearts and minds and bodies, and now it is time to wait for God to respond.

Stop talking and wait for Him to speak, to move. I call this, the fourth phase, visitation:"

The fifth phase is called "Generosity "The fifth phase of worship is the giving of substance. The church knows so little about giving, yet the Bible exhorts us to give to God. it is pathetic to see people preparing for ministry who don't know how to give. That is like an athlete entering a race, yet he doesn't know how to run. If we haven't learned to give money, we haven't learned anything... "

Contrary to this, there is no "tithing" outside of the Jews, on free land, in Canaan and then only "food produce" from tribal-owned lands. Dr. Rubel Shelly defends the "more than" tithing legalism.

The full Vineyard Feminist-Effeminate Worship Creed is under an article on the ZOE concept.

This strong sexual and deviant claim to being "priests and prophets" has been called by H. Bamfort Parks, in Gods and Men, the OLDEST PROFESSION. And it is all based on the model of Israel's musical idolatry at Mount Sinai, at the Temple and in many "churches" organized on the model of priestcraft and temple.

The Exodus event is defined in Psalm 106 and by Paul in Romans One as the leaders in perverse and perverted religion. A perverse society always begins by self-appointed leaders who "take away the key to knowledge."

Sermonizing and versifying has as its sole intent the removal of the "water of the Word" as in Amos so that the common people hunger and thirst and go into captivity and die because their leaders have deliberately (unwittingly or half-wittingly) removed the word:

"In this fashion every common tribal interest--the recurrence of the seasons, the increase of the food supply, successful hunting--was likely to become embodied in some regularly repeated ceremony, which usually included group dancing, singing, and feasting. Besides enabling men to express, and thereby to allay, anger and anxiety, such ceremonies also promoted tribal unity and strengthened the loyalty of the individual to tribal traditions,

for the emotional excitement they aroused had the effect of breaking down the barriers between individuals and thus fusing all tribesmen into a collective whole. Meanwhile, whole systems of magical devices were gradually elaborated." (Parkes, p. 29)

'Certain members of a tribe, marked out either by unusual skills or by some emotional abnormality, usually became particularly adept at these operations, and gradually assumed specialized functions.

Released from the duty of hunting, and concentrating on the practice of magic, the shaman, sorcerer, or medicine man was the world's first professional." (Parkes, p. 29).

Religion is not a good thing. Therefore, what Parkes speaks of is the Romans One form of religion based on the priest's construction of "worship" rituals which speak to the external senses, especially the sexual feelings always aroused by music of any form.

"The development both of religion and of the arts can be traced back in a continuous line to the hunting era. The group ritual of the primeval tribesmen were the origin not only of all religious ceremonial, but also of the drama and of poetry and music, while magic gave birth to the visual arts." (Parkes, p. 30).

That is why there is no tribalism and no "group mind" in the Christian System.

The clergy-laded burden Jesus came to remove was "spiritual anxiety created by religious ceremonial."

"Awed by the mysteries of his own spirit no less than by those of nature, primitive man was likely to attribute to divine influence any abnormal emotional state, whether above or below the usual level. Medicine men customarily went into states of trance in which they were believed to be in communication with the gods,

and many tribes supposed lunatics and sexual deviants to be divinely possessed.
In most early societies, moreover, men evolved
techniques for deliberately inducing the abnormal forms of consciousness in which they supposed themselves to achieve union with divine power, sometimes by the use of drugs and other physiological stimuli, sometimes by hypnotic dances and music.

The wild utterances to which they gave vent on such occasions were regarded as the words of a god and were interpreted as divine commands or predictions of future events." (Parkes, p. 32-33).

In the literal fertility rituals, this urge to respond was the climax. It was proof of a subjective message from God which destroyed any reliance on the Word of God.

Dr. Rubel Shelly in advertising for a musical worship facilitator (manipulator) expressed the confidence that the music could help "move the worshipers into the presence of God." That gives vent to "teams" who now believe that they are "priests" and "mediators between man and God."

"Many peoples attributed any violent or unusual emotion to one of the gods as a matter of course; the individual was then no longer held responsible for his actions, though the gods were sometimes mischievous or even malevolent and the result might be catastrophic." (Parkes, p. 33).

This was the meaning of David's naked dance. When chided by Michal, David said that he would be honored by the slave girls and "would make himself even more vile." This is the meaning of "halal" in many applications now translated as "praise."

"The flash of insight that enabled an individual to achieve an original act of creation, whether in art or in technology, was always mysterious, and for early mankind it could be due only to the intervention of a god. Long after the advent of civilization, in fact, poets continued to believe that they wrote from divine dictation; inventors attributed their discoveries to divine aid." (Parkes, p. 34).

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Look To the Hills is a feature of the Zoe Group and Woodmont Hills Church of Christ. The cute title again misunderstands the concept. In all of the ancient stories, Satan taught Genun (Jubal) how to organize mixed-sex choirs, use instrumental music and drink wine in order to call down the holy Sethites who were upon the mountain of God. The "Word" personally lived with them and Satan "looked to the hills" trying to seduce people with singing, dancing, playing instruments and sexual perversion. Our help comes from the hills but the change agents are down in the dark Cainite valley turning "worship" into theatrical performance.

Truly in vain is salvation hoped for from the hills, and from the multitude of mountains: truly in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel. Jer 3:23

For shame hath devoured the labour of our fathers from our youth; their flocks and their herds, their sons and their daughters. Jer 3:24

We lie down in our shame, and our confusion covereth us: for we have sinned against the Lord our God, we and our fathers, from our youth even unto this day, and have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God. Jer 3:25

Without knowing why, it is possible to use catchy, off the web titles and pick up bits and pieces of paganism without intending to.

While this seems severe, a modern, liberal Theologian claims that "there is no tradition other than the story of Jubal which does not show that musical instruments come from demigods or demons. In the Book of Enoch quoted by Jesus, Peter Paul and others at least 128 times. Similar versions group Jubal and siblings under Genun or Canaan--Canaanites.

"But there were some in Israel who were not just ordinary citizens. They saw by the eye of the Spirit. And they were aware of the weakness of trusting in natural resources for help against such cunning, vicious, and determined enemies.

"The prophet of God warned the people in Amos 6:1: "WOE TO THEM THAT ARE AT EASE IN ZION, AND TRUST IN THE MOUNTAIN OF SAMARIA."

"Jeremiah was even more bold in Jeremiah 3:23, when he said, "TRULY IN VAIN IS SALVATION HOPED FOR FROM THE HILLS, AND FROM THE MULTITUDE OF MOUNTAINS (polemic warriors): TRULY IN THE LORD OUR GOD IS THE SALVATION OF ISRAEL." This scripture may seem to you to conflict with the Psalmist, but this is only because Psalms 121:1 has been so misunderstood, misquoted, and misinterpreted down through the years. Reach for the Stars

Israel's help came from Mount Sinai. But down in the valley Satan was tempting them into musical idolatry.

Later, Israel's help came for the source of Living Waters, Mount Hermon.

Mount Hermon is the northernmost point of Israel's possession. It is the source of two major rivers which merge into the Jordan river flowing southward. Its flanks were useful for nomadic herdsmen (like Abel). Other parts are fertile soils "down in the deep valley," Al-Biqa valley where, in ancient tradition, the Cainites lived. The rivers fall through a deep-trenched valley and once you get down you "have fallen and cannot get back up to the Living Source."

This is the "battle scene" of the Jewish understanding of the battle between the Holy Sethites living by herding the Word on the flanks of Mt. Hermon, and the Cainites living in the rich, agricultural soil in the valleys. The Litani river flows through a gorge (900 feet) into the Mediterranean near Tyre and Sidon. This river indeed merges with the Nile. The Orontes is also important in the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountains.

In order to enable the Cainites to defeat the Sethites, Satan came into Genun (Jubal, Jabal, Tubal-Cain and Naamah) and taught them warfare, mixed-sex choirs, and how to make and play instrumental music. This was used in a year long "change agent" process to seduce the people down into the commercial-musical religion which will mark the end-time Babylonian Whore religion.

In later times, this area became the source of temples to Jupiter and Pan, the Satyrus who invented musical instruments. Pan is sometimes pictures as a hare or rabbit: he was worshiped by naked men beating him with quills (writing pens) and one had to break down the walls to get to him. His name is derived from "panic" because you can panic people with music.

"There are hints that Pan was also linked closely to the Mother Goddess (Zoe, Eve, Sophia), and perhaps was even one of her male consorts at one time, and linked with her as overlord of nature and Lord of the Beasts. Pindar mentions Pan as:

"O blessed one, whom the Olympians call dog (catamite) of the Great Mother, taking every form"

"There are references to Pan as 'the dog of Cybele' the great nature-goddess of the Greeks, as being always in attendance on her, being himself a nature-god. The fact that Pindar calls Pan 'dog' is taken as a glorification of that animal.

"The story remains in old legends [700] that Pan, the keeper of wild beasts, breathing sweet-voiced music on his well-joined pipes, once brought from its tender mother on Argive hills a lamb with beautiful golden fleece. A herald stood on the stone platform and cried aloud,

"To assembly, Mycenaeans, go to assembly to see the omens given to our blessed rulers." . . . and they honored the house of Atreus. "

Euripedes Electra

"The Athenians believed that wine could be offered to Pan, but not to the Nymphs (unless he was present too). Is this an indication of what was to come where Dionysus took over the role of Wine-God, and included Bacchus (as well as Pan) in his retinue?

"Menander says that Pan was not a God that was approached in worship in silence. His love of music and dance, dictated that his worship include those elements, including clapping, and the sound of cymbals. Individual offerings found have included vases, oil lamps (at the cave at Vari in Attica), golden grasshoppers, and reliefs - one of which at least shows Pan outside a cave in front of his worshipers, playing the Syrinx, and accompanied by Hermes, three Nymphs and the river Achelous.

Hermes is a Jubal figure and the father of musical instruments, of liars and of thieves.

Click to see the Pan/Book of Enoch connection.

See the Mount Hermon, Pan, Jupiter and Music Connection.

Yes, we know that these are not considered inspired but the NT does quote Enoch over 128 times including by Jesus, Peter and Jude. They represent the common Jewish understanding of the Biblical Fall and the introduction of Instrumental Music to "change minds" from about 200 B.C. to A.D. 200. The book of "Jubilees" is pre Christian.

Joseph Campbell, in Myths To Live By, notes that words or symbols are "affect images." When we use the word Zoe or Sophia today, a huge group of Gnostic-informed people see the claim that we are the feminist "god/goddess." Sorry about that but, but like Jezebel, that "name is already taken" and it now means more than "life" as logos means more than Word and Spirit means more than wind.

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The Tulsa Workshop

This is very important reading: this is where "praise teams" begin by replacing the song leader. However, "standing in the holy place accepting applause" is corrupting just as all theatrical performance or accepting praise is corrupting beyond redemption.

Therefore, we have provided a separate page for those who want to read more about how your praise team must always come to believe that they are the mediators standing between the soon-to-be-silenced "audience" and God. Click for more.

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The Community Church or Family of God. To we mortals all of God's demonstrated authority (Father, Son, Spirit) is now summed up in Jesus, Joshua or Jehovah-Saves. "God" is generic so to make sure that Christ's church is not confused the "bride" of Christ wears the name of Christ: you cannot take it off your sign without repudiating the only name under heaven which counts. We have taken the liberty of hanging our comments onto Gary McDade's web article on The Community Church. "Community church" just means "we will take anyone's money."

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Willow Creek Community Church

"The services which take place at Willow Creek church today are unlike all other church services on American soil. The well lighted and spacious auditorium with glass ceilings looks like a plush theater with theater seats and wide aisles. The luxurious furnishing attract those who are uncomfortable in traditional churches."

"As the people file into the auditorium for the weekend "seeker services," a band is playing subdued contemporary jazz or rock.
        The worship service begins with the drawing of curtains across a huge stage

        while the
tempo of the lively upbeat music gradually engages the audience."

"The worship services gets underway. The band plays contemporary rock and jazz with religious lyrics flashed on a wide video screen accompanied by 16 vocalists and dancers. Actors stage dramatic skits. Congregational singing is minimal and simple."

"The performance has all the pizzazz of a professional stage show. A thunderous applause greets the conclusion of the entertainment phase. The people are told their applause is for God." (Note: the money is, too).

See How Lynn Anderson suggest you follow the same pattern to create religious ecstasy.

Their spokesman showed that the applause was really for the performers which is a way to insult Christ:

"Ulrich Eggers, a leading German evangelical who served as press spokesman at the Hamburg sessions, stresses that Willow Creek's "central message has nothing to do with drama or music,

but rather with the living portrayal of dedicated Christians."

"Yet Eggers is worried that liberals may only accept the methodology and forms of this program. He says nothing can change "unless content is changed; the gospel must become a matter of the heart." Christianity Today.

For more details Click Here to see that the Germans are fearful because it seems like one of their old para-military, "control the mind" movements.

Rubel Shelly, Woodmont Hills, in Faith Matters wrote:

"The Bible is not against women ministering, using their God-given talents, standing up and speaking, administering church programs, singing (congregationally, small groups, or solo), reading Scripture, sharing information about church projects, testifying, teaching sub-groups of the church's membership (whether female, male, or mixed), writing articles or poems that will be used by males, or otherwise participating fully in the life of local churches. Rubel Shelly, Faith Matters

If the "core" is seven facts about the Bible then you can directly contradict Paul who declared that "non-sedentary" women was against the Spirit revelation and violated the Laws of God. The "law" is defined by Paul because the Law defined only male clergy roles, because Eve cooperated with Satan in the fall, because of the insubbordinate example of Miriam and by the fact that unfaithful women were often associated with other "falls" such as "rising up to play" in musical idolatry at Mount Sinai.

In seeking their worship facilitation minister, Woodmont Hills stress that in developing or facilitating the seeker service he must:

"Work with the worship planning committee, the preaching minister and worship presentation groups (music, drama and technical) to facilitate group worship experiences which will help bring worshipers into the presence of God. (This may have been taken off)

The play is named after the chorus, that is, the song-and-dance ensemble who stand for the true followers of the god. That is, they are the mediators replacing the worshippers. See the clear claim here.

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Saddleback Community Church

Rick Warren's:

"The strategy of Jesus is the antidote to both extremes: infiltration!" His words sound strangely like a quote from Dr. Harold Ockenga, the father of New Evangelicalism: "The New Evangelicalism has changed its strategy from one of separation to one of infiltration." Warren's thinking is thoroughly New Evangelical.

"Figure out what mood you want your service to project, and then create it. (p. 264); We start positive and end positive. (p. 271); We use humor in our services ... it is not a sin to help people feel good. (p. 272); Cultivate an informal, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. (p. 272);

We made a strategic decision to stop singing hymns in our seeker services. (p. 285); We have attracted thousands more because of our music. (p. 285); Saddleback now has a complete pop/rock orchestra. (p. 290); Use more performed music than congregational singing ... (p. 291) (emphasis on entertainment); The ground we have in common with unbelievers is not the Bible, but our common needs, hurts, and interests as human beings. You cannot start with a text ... (p. 295); Make your members feel special ... they need to feel special. (p. 320,323)

"But what could be more contrary to the principles found in Scripture? Consider what God told the prophet Ezekiel (Ezek. 3:4-11). Ezekiel was told that the people would not like his ministry or message, and yet he was to preach it anyway, regardless of the response. Quoted from.

"According to the system which Nimrod was the grand instrument in introducing, men were led to believe
        that a
real spiritual change of heart was unnecessary, and that so far as change was needful,
        they could be
regenerated by mere external means.

"Looking at the subject in the light of the Bacchanalian orgies (Read Ephesus and Corinth), which, as the reader has seen, commemorated the history of Nimrod, it is evident that

he led mankind to seek their chief good in sensual enjoyment,

and showed them how they might enjoy the pleasures of sin, without any fear of the wrath of a holy God.

"In his various expeditions he was always accompanied by troops of women; and by music and song, and games (ritual drama) and revelries, and everything that could please the natural hearts,

he commended himself to the good graces of mankind." (Hislop, Alexander, The Two Babylons, p. 55, Loizeaux Brothers)

You probably see this in your pulpit:

Dr. Dennis Costella attended a "Building a Purpose Driven Church" seminar where Warren taught that the following must occur to transform a traditional church into a dramatic growing church (March-April 1998, Foundation magazine): (1) A contemporary-styled, non-threatening "Seeker Service" must replace the traditional Sunday worship service; (2) The dress must be casual; (3) The music must be contemporary; (4) The message must be only positive so that saved and unsaved alike can feel better about themselves after a message that often mixes psychology and an uplifting Scripture text; (5) Church ministries must be geared to meeting needs, with support groups for depression, eating disorders, infertility, homosexuals' family/friends, post-abortion, and marital separation. Warren scoffed at the idea of passing out gospel tracts or going door-to-door since the typical "Saddleback Sam" is offended by such old-fashioned evangelism; (6) Doctrinal instruction is not given to the church as a whole on Sundays, but is available in sub-groups apart from formal church services; and (7) A spirit of pragmatic compromise must prevail. Warren was trained as a Southern Baptist (he frequently speaks at SBC events), but said, "It really doesn't matter your denomination, folks. We're all on the same team if you love Jesus." (Source: 6/98, Calvary Contender.)]

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Pepperdine, Straus Institute and Saddleback Community Church

The Straus Institute and Larry Sullivan's page may be found by clicking here. The home page endorses Rick Warren and the Saddleback Community Church. No wonder then that he was called in to settle the dispute at Madison without the objectors input.

We have review Larry Sullivan's call for a seminary to teach you how to navigate the winds of change as you move from "church" to a Grand Ole Opry style of entertainment to "make people feel good" and not be depressed by the Christian religion. Click Here.

As Rubel Shelly and musical facilitators promise to mediate and "lead you into the presence of God"; as Rick Warren promises to finally provide the DNA for making Christianity work, Larry Sullivan's and everyone's "workshop" promises to provide some "deep transformation" which means "regeneration" within the churches who will come and list.

With music as the theme, the world is flooded with books and seminars selling what Jesus died to give us for free. He removed the burden laded on our backs. This burden is "spiritual anxiety created by religious ritual." No wonder that when Rick Warren gets too involved and anxious he passes out. When you try to move people into God's holy place bringing in a whole choir and rock band you are bound to get burned up and burned out by God personally visiting you.

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Psalm 41 prophesied that Judas under Satan and his "handlers" would try to use the temple music which was "warrior's" sounding to triumph over Jesus. Triumph over means to play music, clap hands in mocking and "make a joyful noise" which was a way to panic the enemy into cowardice, or to celebrate military victory.

"Music" is not a spiritual or worship word in the Bible. Therefore, any form of singing with or without instruments is a way to "triumph over" Jesus by triumphing over His Words. We do that when we "give attention" to Twila Paris and the performers rather than Jesus and speaking to teach without "music."

If your congregation displaces the honor due Jesus by having preside-over performers, or if you teach "idle songs" in a musical sense, you have adopted the ancient and end-time Babylonian form of ritual. It is not remotely related to the word "Christian." Before the establishment of Jerusalem by taking over a Jebusite city by David:

In all that he did he gave thanks to the Holy One, the Most High, with ascriptions of glory;
        he sang praise with all his heart, and he loved his Maker. Ecclesiasticus 40: 8.
He placed singers before the altar, to make sweet melody with their voices. Ecclesiasticus 40: 9.
        He gave beauty to the feasts
, and arranged their times throughout the year, while they praised God's holy name,
        and the
sanctuary resounded from early morning. Ecclesiasticus 40: 10.

The Levites played music before the burnt offerings but this was not worship.

However, here are some excerpts from the DSS translation of Psalm 41 which prophesied that Judas would not triumph over (blow the instruments and make a joyful noise) over Jesus because this form was not 'music' but military panic music imposed by David and the commanders of the army:

The Testimony of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH), Hymn 1 reads in part:
It is Thou who hast created breath for the tongue
         and Thou knowest its words;
Thou didst establish the fruit of the lips
         before ever they were.
Thou dost set words to measure
         and the flow of breath from the lips to metre.
Thou bringest forth sounds
         according to their mysteries,
and the flow of breath from the lips
         according to its reckoning,
that they may tell of Thy glory
         and recount Thy wonders
         in all Thy works of truth.

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs are all defined in the Septuagint (LXX) as forms of the Biblical Psalms. Composing our "Bible in song" to replace God's inspired teaching songs is again Anti-Christian. Trying to improvise on the words and adopt a pagan singing style is rank legalism: claiming to do what God's Word cannot do.

Hymn 9, interprets Psalm 41 which was the prophecy that Judas would not triumph over Jesus where triumph meant "musical rejoicing" (Numbers 10:7):

All who have eaten by bread
         have lifted their heel against me,
and all those joined to my Council
         have mocked me with wicked lips...
They have overtaken me in a narrow pass without escape
         And there is no rest for me in my trial.
They sound my censure upon a harp
         and their murmuring and storming upon a zither." Ps.41:11
However, in hymn 11, Jesus triumphs in the Spirit:
They enter my heart and reach into my bones to...
         and to meditate in sorrowful meditation.
I will groan with the zither of lamentation
         in all grief-stricken mourning and bitter complaint
until iniquity and wickedness are consumed
         and the disease-bringing scourge is no more.
Then will I play on the zither of deliverance
         and the harp of joy,
on the tabors of prayer and the pipe of praise
         without end
The Community Rule (1QS) reads in part:
And at the beginning of their weeks
         for the season of Jubilee.
All my life the engraved Precept shall be on my tongue
         as the fruit of praise
         and the portion of my lips.
I will sing with knowledge and all my music
         shall be for the glory of God.
(My) lyre (and) my harp shall sound
         for His holy order
and I will tune the pipe of my lips
         to His right measure. 
"Such allegorizing passages contain the nucleuses of the later substance, and perhaps the presage of the future trends of Christian music. The first three centuries of the church witnessed many controversies; some of them concerned themselves directly with music. The most important of these issues were:
         (a) organized versus spontaneous praying and singing;
         (b) scriptural versus extrascriptural poems;
         (c) fusion with Hellenistic music;
         (d) vocal versus instrumental music;
         (e) the rise of monasticism and its influence upon ecclesiastical chant." (Interpreter's Dict of the Bible, Music, p. 467).

See Judas fulfilling the priestly task of trying to pollute Jesus to turn Him into a Dionysus singing and dancing "girl."

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The Tennessean article about Madison Church of Christ, Nashville: quotes will be in red.

Madison Church of Christ elders seek expert's input

Staff Writer

Elders at the Madison Church of Christ said Sunday they would bring in a church dispute resolution expert to help resolve the split developing in the church over worship styles.

If you have a pebble in your shoe and it is irritating the best solution is to remove the pebble. Now, every university has trained experts about how to use "prayerful brinkmanship" to get you conditioned to tolerate the pebble in the shoe or the thorn in the flesh. If you put a pebble in another person's shoe and they complain then the complainer is a whiner and you may need some high tek psychology to get the person to keep enduring.

In about 1987 Jubilee began with Steve Flatt and Rubel Shelly and others as leaders in what became a "corporation." Others began participating and we were informed that a some of men had dedicated themselves to a wider role for women and the introduction of a new style of worship music. One "co founder" also told me that the system almost broke down when the plan to do an end-run around the older people was let out.

To my knowledge, this began the virtual explosion in churches of Christ wanting to imitate more charismatic systems such as the Vineyard group. Because too many preachers have come out of colleges whicl left them with no strong belief systems, and in the face of church failure brought about by the "dominant pastor" system, it has been tempting to introduce music, as did the Catholics, as a Seeker-Sensitive effort to hang on to church property under staggering debt service.

True to history, no "Christian" college has remained faithful to their founding mandate more than a 100 years so to see the universities as a pool out of which to hire experts makes it almost certain that the effort will be made to brand the non-musical group as just traditionalists as church leaders continually report to the press. And true to history, even "restoration movements" get old, tired and just fade away. Or rather, as R. L. Dabney, condemning the apostasy of preaching which gets its second incarnation about as fast as it is put down.

Sermonizing and versifying is a loud confession that those who have sold themselves under bondage by being professional "religionists" know that they are fighting a losing battle and that a true Restoration is about to take place by giving Christ's church back to the people. The more cornered they get with the knowledge of their failure the more desperate they become at trying to prop up a secular institution rather than confessing, repenting and allowing the body to again function:

"Based on the concept of an organic pattern in the life course of civilization, a morphology of history: the idea that every culture has its period of youth, its period of culmination, its years then of beginning to totter with age and of striving to hold itself together by means of rational planning, projects, and organization, only finally to terminate in decrepitude, petrification... and no more life. Moreover, in this view of Spengler's, we were at present on the point of passing from what he called the period of Culture to Civilization, which is to say, from our periods of youthful, spontaneous, and wonderful creativity to those of

uncertainty and anxiety, contrived programs, and the beginning of the end." (Campbell, Joseph, Myths to Live By, p. 84)

The Nashville band along with their secular resources label "culture" as "history" and Bible-believers are still living in history or modernism. However, a few of the select few have broken through into Post-Modernism which declares 'seven facts about Jesus' as the "Core Gospel" with all of the rest just fodder out of which we sermonize and versify.

However, don't give up: out of the wrecking yard it is always possible to salvage something:

"Jingling, banging, and rattling accompanied heathen cults, and the frenzying shawms of a dozen ecstatic cries intoxicated the masses. Amid this euphoric farewell feast of a dying civilization,

the voices of nonconformists were emerging from places of Jewish and early Christian worship ..." (Encyclopedia Judaica, 1971 ed., s.v. "Music")

The only thing to revive it is the "water of the Word" and disbanding all of the fixers of wrecked churches which, too often, we broke and know how to mend.

But some members of the church say it's too late to try mending the congregation, one of the largest churches in Nashville.
two ministers added microphones and lead singers to Sunday services last December,

some members of the congregation responded by raising their arms and clapping during songs, members said. The additions are a new worship style that conservative church members say is too liberal for their liking.

Hand clapping in the Bible and history was a common way of showing contempt. The Hebrew word severely warns that clapping hands with strangers is a show of derision:

Caphaq (h5606) saw-fak'; (1 Kings 20:10; Job 27:23; Isa. 2:6), saw-fak'; a prim. root; to clap the hands (in token of compact, derision, grief, indignation or punishment); by impl. of satisfaction, to be enough; by impl. of excess, to vomit: - clap, smite, strike, suffice, wallow

For he addeth rebellion unto his sin, he clappeth his hands among us, and multiplieth his words against God. Job 34:37
Make ye him
drunken; for he magnified himself against the Lord: Moab also shall wallow in his vomit, and he also shall be in derision. Jeremiah 48:26

Seemingly prophetic of the modern Seeker system, Isaiah wrote:

Therefore thou hast forsaken thy people the house of Jacob, because they be replenished from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they please them selves in the children of strangers. Isaiah 2:6

Their land also is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made: Isaiah 2:8

Anan (h6049) aw-nan'; a prim. root; to cover; used only as denom. from 6051, to cloud over; fig. to act covertly, i. e. practise magic: - * bring, enchanter, Meonemin, observe (-r of) times, soothsayer, sorcerer.

There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, De.18:10

Soothsayers: Anan (h6049) aw-nan'; a prim. root; to cover; used only as denom. from 6051, to cloud over; fig. to act covertly, i. e. practise magic: - * bring, enchanter, Meonemin, observer of times, soothsayer, sorcerer.

"In an inscription from Cyprus, in one from Rhodes and in several from around the district of Carthage, there are references to important personages who bear the title Mqm'lm which we can translate as AROUSERS of the god.'" (de Vaux, Roland, The Bible and the Ancient Near East, Doubleday, p. 247).

"We even have a mention at a later date of a similar custom in connection with the cult in Jerusalem, where certain Levites, called me'oreim, 'AROUSERS,' sang (every morning?) this verse from "Ps 44:23: "Awake, O Lord! Why do you sleep? Rouse yourself! Do not reject us forever." The Talmud tells us that John Hyrcanus suppressed the practice because it recalled too readily a pagan custom." (Roland de Vaux, p. 247).

The hand clapping was probably not the problem. With "lead singers" and microphones (like the witches' Familiar Spirit) the hand clapping simply supplies the Booms to the clangs and you have a First Corinthian 13 restoration of the Oracles like that of Apollo (Apollyon, Abbadon). This, in other groups, is simply one of Lynn Anderson's steps of "prayerful brinkmanship" and will result in the addition of instrument in "non plenary sessions" and ultimately to the "first service" just as the "children's praise service" moves ahead like flowing lava.

Sooner than a child can walk music makes their body automatically move. This is why singing, dancing and clapping has always been associated with the motor impulses getting 'sparked.'

Hand Clapping means that the "team" was stroking every nerve ending in the human body and that means the sexual senses. Hand clapping meant that the vocal group had manipulated the people into charismatic ecstasy or rapture or exhilarated worship. This means that the rational (spiritual) mind had been "put out of gear" and the effeminate, emotional and sexual urges moved the carnal body into what Aldus Huxley calls "emotional masturbation." That has always been the meaning of "theatrical performance and music" in worship.

Hand Clapping is a sign of a charismatic breakdown. This is deliberately manipulated by the "musical worship team" and the goal is to sell this feeling as, in the words of musical promoters, moving the worshipers into the presence of God.

The "new style song books" with the stress on the pagan superstition of "praise" which demands a "god handler" flows from the vats at Vineyard and have been reproduced in song books for churches of Christ. The Vineyard goal is a sexual encounter with God.

Microphones are the world's most popular phallic symbols.

However, the musical worshipers can never fit in the spiritual "holy place" which has room for only the worshiper and God at the same time.

Musical Levites who even stumbled into "the presence of God" with our without instruments would be immediately put to death.

Music is a drug: it produces endorphins which is like a shot of morphine or a lot of Valium. It is very difficult to ever shut down and maybe impossible to shut down. However, the church is not in the business of supplying "drugs" to a generation already hooked and brain damaged by the music drug.

Hand Clapping and applause has historically been a way to acclaim victory and show contempt to the losers. In fact, the new "sectarians" trying to impose their own views have been known to organize claques. That is, a rehearsed band of men and women who validate the new "team" to prove that they have triumphed over the old "decadent and deleterious" group.

Another site reported that at Mid-America Evangelism Workshop (1991) in Indianapolis, Rubel Shelly declared that the Hand Clap could replace the Amen. We have simply looked at some of the Bible and theater history to determine the meaning of the "hand clap."

Don't overlook the clear fact: all takeovers by instrumentalist have been "facilitated" by "plants" who know how to manipulate their way into teaching or "worship" leading roles. The goal is clear. The plan is premeditated. They have and will take over the sheep and property of any group. They are driven and will do it even if it sows discord and drives "widows from their church homes."

We have actually seen the restoration of the Pharisees who were also Post-Modern and changed the worship to fit their needs for money. Even today they "steal the church houses" of widows.

We believe that the leaders rather than being the "Evangelists by the Sovereign Grace of God" has been "evangelized" by his musical friends and can never get "back on the holy mountain again." Never. And once called down into the dark valley by Satan's sovereign "grace" in all of the ancient Enoch-like records, you will never recover and the only momentary peace is to try to tempt as many others as possible into that position to keep from feeling lonely. See the story.

This is not a case of a divided church but of a hostile takeover by very dedicated men and women breaking down the walls for the end-time church. You do know that according to them, "God lands on the team" and the singers are "mediators between man and God." They call themselves christs and they are standing in the holy places.

Again, many are sincere Baby Boomers (infantile drummers) have been inflicted and afflicted with mind altering music most of their lives. Because it "feels good" it is thought to be spiritual. However, it is just stroking the nerve endings.

''There's always been times like this in history where changes take place in society, and so the churches move to try to address the issues of contemporary society.

I think we are at one of those junctions right now,'' said Larry Sullivan, assistant director at Pepperdine University's Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution.

Music in worship is the most ancient, and pagan, practices known in the world of religion. There is no God-given mandate to "meet the issues." This mind-set happens only after one loses faith in the Spiritual nature of the Word and of the church which is "school" and never "worship center" which attempts to pin God to a time and place.

Many elders have failed and are have God's wrath poured upon them because they presumed to be Pastor-Teachers but who do not know the basics of the Bible and spiritual religion. Greater judgment will fall on them. It is important that elders who see their flocks slip away train themselves in the Bible and never be guilty of sending an e-mail saying, "I am not interested in the music issue."

It is a fact, according to Joseph Campbell, that when religions are in a failure mode leaderless people "flake away" and try to restore archaic worship forms. Promise Keepers is just such a failed movement which nevertheless knows that the "masculine journey" has dead ended for many Christian males.

The vocal theme is to tear down the old structures, burn up the onl hymn books, get a new wineskin. In order to facilitate change you have to deliberately destroy the people's confidence in everything they hold sacred including their elders.

Unfortunately, the new agents have nothing better to offer in exchange except mind-draining and human-worshiping theatrical performers. We can be certain that they are latter day copies of the Pharisees and Scribes of Jesus time. The king of Babylon and the harp-playing prostitute king/queen of Tyre manipulated people through music to steal truth. She was often called ZOE.

According to many ancient writings and implied by Hebrew words, music began in the garden of Eden and has been the agent of Satan in every move away from God. Music is both a cause and sign: a MARK of the Beast, if you will that the end-time (for that group) has come and they need to sell the 'temple' to a night club and return to the Bible. Here is how Nimrod and his musical band did it at the tower of Babylon.

In the story recorded by Enoch and quoted by Jude, God will come with ten thousand of his saints and indeed may right now be calling his faithful remnant out of the Babylonian Whore and "outside the camp" which is the only place God promises to meet us.

Instrumental music became an issue when in the early days of A. I. Myhr and a band of "change agent" women funded by the Christian Church Society pledged to take over non musical churches for the "society." Of course, many wanted even children to sign up for "life memberships."

Using the methods pioneered by Lynn Anderson in Navigating the Winds of Change,
        it takes a long time to dry up the Biblical teaching,

        replace it with Post-Modern teaching and

        all to help pay off huge debts incurred by an eldership "as apt to chase coons as to understand the Bible."

        Undoubtedly some changes need to be made but when people learn how change agents do it in industry where the boss is "king" its application in church can be iffy.

These are all marks of the Pharisees whom Jesus condemned as hypocrites (theatrical performers) and Scribes stealing "widow's" church houses in order to sell books.

Therefore, it is strange to hire men to resolve conflict rather than return to the elementary principles of the Bible which pronounces a pox on both instrumental music and a cappella which was invented in the 1700's to allow the Pope and the Sistine Chapel to enjoy the "boys-become-girls" through castration and wearing "dresses."

The Madison church's elders asked Sullivan to help them mediate their conflict after an elder worked with Sullivan in a dispute-resolution class.

''A lot of it has to do with traditional worship and polity vs. contemporary worship and new ways of looking at things,'' he said, adding that churches all over the country are facing similar problems.

This spews the spawn that the non-instrumental groups base their faith and practice on TRADITIONALISM. That is not remotely close to the truth. If the elders do not know that "thou art the man" then they cannot lead the church out of the darkness. If leaders don't know the basic facts about the music-Satan connection then they should have the integrity to begin a new work and fly an honest flag not steal the property from the founding group.

To anyone who has ever been a Bible student, music was both a cause (the idolatry at Mount Sinai) and a symptom of Israel's lostness beyond redemption. When the temple was formed it was LIKE THE NATIONS because Israel would WORSHIP LIKE THE NATIONS and they would PERISH LIKE THE NATIONS.

God turned them over to worship the starry host (Stephen, Acts 7) and God permitted the kings in answer to their prayer to lead them into captivity and death.

The effeminate, priestly attempt to triumph over Jesus would be with instrumental music which had a legal purpose under the Monarchy Period of sowing discord and panic among the enemies. The clergy, whom Jesus fired, claimed that Jesus was Beliar and therefore they had a right to turn their instruments of panic against Him.

This was prophesied in Psalm 41. Click to see the Dead Sea Translation to prove that music is used to triumph over Jesus.

Again, there is no "musical" component in Paul's command to teach and admonish one another with the Word of Christ.

These military musicians (as under David) would be "standing in the gap" to get Jesus just like Saul tried to get David while David was busy playing his harp. However, the harp-playing was Godly device to pollute Saul to destroy him.

Churches of Christ come from a movement that sought to cross denominational lines and use the Bible as the ultimate authority on Christianity. One of the most important aspects of

worship at a Church of Christ is that
musical instruments not be used in worship services

because the New Testament does not mention instruments.

No, that is not remotely factual. The Bible clearly implicates music in rejecting the Word of God and the New Testament does not prescribe an for of "music." The operative word is "teach" or preach using the Biblical metrical material.

All of the world's scholarship proves that the Bible was the source of faith and practice. This was not something new to churches of Christ. By the way, most early churches prior to denominationalism called themselves The Church of Christ.

The Catholic Church for up to 1250 years did not use instruments. Paul repudiated the musical worship of paganism and the Old Wineskin movement which always used instruments and issued a direct command to "TEACH" using inspired material and the singing and melody could be in the heart.

The human voice is always the "instrument of choice" in singing a Psalm. In the Old Testament, singing never includes an instrument unless it is specified.

And it shall come to pass in that day, that Tyre shall be forgotten seventy years, according to the days of one king: after the end of seventy years shall Tyre sing as an harlot. Isaiah 23:15

"Take an harp, go about the city, thou harlot that hast been forgotten; make sweet melody, sing many songs, that thou mayest be remembered. Isaiah 23:16

[The bisexual Lucifer or ZOE beast was king but because he was really a harp playing prostitute he urgently wanted to be remembered "as a male."] Ain't it the truth!

The end-time Babylonian Whore religion will be a blend of Instrumental music, things that people lust after (the lust of the ear) and commerce: selling CDs like "sick lambs" right there in the "temple."

The Sister Singers who claim to be mediators when only God can mediate as Lord Jesus Christ, stand in the liturgy area of pulpit and Lord's Table. In the Temple-Cathedral-Church house model this is The Holy Place.

The Lord's Table is removed in some churches to provide room for the "harem of the gods" there fore "not in remembrance of me" but playing to be remembered "as males."

Therefore, the Sister Singers (of whatever sex) may be "the Abomination Standing In the Holy Place" when Jesus comes.


Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. Am.5:23

It is deceptive to claim that the musical position of churches of Christ is based on "traditionalism."

The next step will be to convince the people that "times change and therefore tradition changes."

When the church of Christ was organized:

> Methodists repudiated instrumental music

> Baptists repudiated instrumental music and some still do.

> Presbyterians repudiated instrumental music and some still do.

> Quakers, Puritans and Congregationalists in the Colonies repudiated instrumental music.

None of them based their faith and practice on the "law of silence" but understood that music, as paganism, had no more role to play in Christian (spiritual) worship than sexual intercourse, as paganism.

Even the Jews used instrumental music like the pagans but only by and among the king and commanders of the army which organized music for the civil-state temple.

Contrary to the usual false statements, it is instrumentalists and choir organizers who follow pagan traditionalism and use THE LAW OF SILENCE. God did not say, "thou shalt not play a piano" therefore there is no LAW AGAINST it and we will do it knowing, as did the elders of this church, that they were sowing discord among brethren. This is always done with a high hand and by having lying "prophets" speak from the pulpit and refuse to allow the Biblical truth and universal history to be taught.

And instrumental music (choirs are organic pipe organs from "organum") was a primary reason for the corruption brought into the church from the "theatrical performers" who were always afflicted with the same disease which afflicts Hollywood, Broadway and Ballet.

Aldus Huxley is quoted in an article about Dancing on the Rim.

See the Judas Characters Dancing on the Rim:

Aldus Huxley also said and we quote:

Abused as we abuse it at present, dramatic art is in no sense cathartic; it is merely a form of emotional masturbation. It is the rarest thing to find a player who has not had his character affected for the worse by the practice of his profession.

Nobody can make a habit of self-exhibition, nobody can exploit his personality for the sake of exercising a kind of hypnotic power over others, and remain untouched by the process. From Source

A man who strains himself on the stage is bound, if he is any good, to strain all the people sitting in the stalls. Bertolt Brecht

The actor searches vainly for the sound of a vanished tradition, and critic and audience follow suit.

We have lost all sense of ritual and ceremony -- whether it be connected with Christmas, birthdays or funerals -- but the words remain with us and old impulses stir in the marrow.

We feel we should have rituals, we should do something about getting them and we blame the artists for not finding them for us.

So the artist sometimes attempts to find new rituals with only his imagination as his source: he imitates the outer form of ceremonies, pagan or baroque, unfortunately adding his own trapping -- the result is rarely convincing. And after the years and years of weaker and waterier imitations we now find ourselves rejecting the very notion of a holy stage.

It is not the fault of the holy that it has become a middle-class weapon to keep the children good. Peter (Stephen Paul) Brook

All music in a traditional Church of Christ is a cappella singing. Some Madison members say the microphones and lead singers are too close to musical instruments for a Church of Christ service.

"Traditional" is one of those RACA words to accuse non-instrumentalists of basing its congregational singing (not a cappella) on ignorant traditionalism. The fact is that the Bible and church history implicates all instruments with ignoring the Word of God. Instrumentalists added the "musical tradition" which was traditional because it had no Bible or history to base a "sowing of discord" decision about.

Microphone standing in the holy place is too much like the abomination predicted which takes the focus off Christ and the Word and puts it on the "talent" of the professional singers doing their Revelation 18 commerce out in the foyer.

We have noted that churches do not use music a cappella or "after the pope's chapel." A cappella is a "change agent word" bandied about to condition people to accept a cappella and then pull the punch that a cappella means choirs with clergy singers performing liturgy in the Holy Place in the presence of the Vicar of Christ.

Second, neither the Old or New Testament uses the word MUSIC except in a secular, pagan or prostitute sense. Music is "symphonia" and implies complex harmony with a choir and musical instruments. In the classics, music and dance are "locked at the hips" and always went together. Therefore, some of the band are Daring To Dance With God.

The church tried to accommodate all of its members' worship preferences by having a more conservative service early on Sunday morning and a more progressive service later in the day, church elder Tommy Hoppes said.

But the dispute lingered and has grown stronger, church deacon Glenn Burton said, because it is not about music anymore.

''There's always room for interpretation and types of worship,'' Burton said.

''But when you come in and force things on people and divide a congregation, and (the elders) being unable to see what they are doing to the people who built this congregation.''

If you follow the direct command to use the Word or Spirit of Christ in song and sermon there is no need to accomodate. The church is not the local theater but a synagogue or school of the Bible--as it was written.

The word "progressive" is always another word for heresy. The 2,000 year Biblical practice (not a latter day tradition) practice is universally opposed to instrumental attempts to worship a Spirit God Who can only be worshiped "in spirit" or in our mind.

Robertson's Notes on Music and the Guilt Clause Speaking of 1868 Presbyterians as The Church of Christ:

"But notice the clear answer given by this Synod to our fourth inquiry under our first head - "Was the Church left in any sense, except a numerical one, in a condition of progressive development?"

Surely, in a Synod in which were present Peter, James, Paul, and Barnabas, there ought to have been no lack of ability or learning
to have given a progressive impulse to Christian thought,
expansion to Christian doctrine,
an expression to the liberty of
embodying the refinements of taste,
inventions of sanctified science in the service of God."

Even the Catholic Encyclopedia agrees with the "conservative view" that instruments simply have no rationale in Christian Worship. The same early Catholics never got close to the "progressive" movement of converting "teaching and admonishing one another" into a musical term. This apostacy then allows choirs and a replacement for the Spirit words of A Spirit God by which we worship "in spirit" or in the mind.

Modern harmonic singing (circa 1900's) has no more Biblical foundation than instruments. They both have the goal of "dumbing down" those the elders are pledged to teach and telling Jesus to "get lost, we don't care much for your old words."

The Jews understood that without Jerusalem as their national Capital and the Temple their national shrine one could not perform animal sacrifices and without sacrifices music as worship had no place. Therefore, the synagogues continued without instruments until they added instruments in AD 1815 to compete with the Christians. They, too, sowed discord and the case went to the courts.

Church elders discovered Sullivan when one of them attended a seminar of his about how to handle church disputes, Hoppes said. Sullivan had served in Churches of Christ for 25 years before working at Pepperdine University, where he trains Churches of Christ to handle dispute resolution on their own and acts as a mediator in resolving church disputes.

Sullivan is one of hundreds of people involved with conflict resolution. And undoubtedly is sincere but one would guess that being a product of "Christian" universities has been left high and dry of Biblical knowledge about instrumental music.

Plato understood that when a group was "trying to change the musical forms" you could be assured that they were really trying to "change the laws." And that is a fact: music has always been the subversive tool to force God out and man's better opinions in.

Many teachers misrepresent the Facts of the Bible because beyond the "core gospel" in Post-Modernism, there are no absolute facts. Therefore, you can make the revealed story mean whatever you mean.

However, John Locke observed that Catholics who believe they have a right to ammend the Word of God and protestants who have universally accepted the Bible for faith and practice, are two different religions. There are gods many and lords many and "gospels" many but we are not discussing disunity among one group but we are discussing

two different churches with a different Christ and a different Bible.

If the pagan or worldly practices just go away, the conflict will go away. However, based on past experience the elders and "dominant pastors" of the theatrical persuasion are trying to buy time and are not remotely interest in conflict resolution or THEY WOULD NOT HAVE DELIBERATELY INTRODUCED THE CONFLICT KNOWING THAT IT WOULD SOW DISCORD AMONG BRETHREN.

The Willow Creek Model fueling Nashville churches confesses that ultimate victory comes only after lots of strife and conflict.

Therefore, the conflict is to upset the equilibrium of the people. My guess is that the elders will "pull back from the brink" and will make another lunge forward when the conservatives drop their guard.

However, don't forget that the symptoms of this news artlcle coupled with the 13 year history of "tearing down old structures" means that a small band of men have a predestinated purpose to try and try until the succeed. Like all children, they will then build something quite identical to that which they restored.

Nothing is clearer in history than the adoption by successful rebels of the methods they were accustomed to condemn in the forces they deposed. --Will and Ariel Durant

In "prayerful brinkmanship" one must first destroy the knowledge base of the church. If you get caught trying to introduce a whole new "church" into the old building you might get into trouble.

Sullivan said he has worked with about 60 churches, helping them work through their problems.

With other churches, Sullivan said, he has tried to speak with everyone involved to find out which issues are at the heart of the matter. He then facilitates discussion and problem solving among the parties.

''I call it eliminating the noise so they can hear each other and hear God,'' he said.

But Burton said he is skeptical that Sullivan will be able to satisfy conservative Madison members.

''That might work in California, but here in the Bible Belt in Middle Tennessee, I just can't see it working.''

Among those pushing the musical agenda there may simply is no intent to resolve the conflict which is teaching and practicing pagan worship to replace "seeing Christ" at the center. One suspects that the church has been starved for the Word and too many do not have the basic Biblical foundation upon which to make a decision. And it is clear that the professional musicians and performers have a commercial conflict of interest.

The liberals of California might tend to go with the flow but Bible-Students in all areas will understand that what will be attempted is to get the "conservatives" to give up the entire body of Biblical and historical truth of God and compromise which means "capitulate" to the pro-musical, theatrical performance, commercial band which has taken control in many musical churches and have to be reigned in because "music" consumes the total resources.

There can be no compromise between eternal truth and contemporary culture.

Christianity is always counter-cultural and will never attract enough spiritual worshipers to pay for a "temple" with a restoration of a priesthood and Levitical Musicians who facilitated animal sacrifices.

The common Jews NEVER WORSHIPED with singing and instruments under the Exilic Monarchy period, and there was no praise service in the Synagogue and early church.

We have never heard of a member of the church of Christ who has infiltrated an instrumental church and using the slow methods of change slowly pervert the purpose for which the church was founded.

In the name of common decency and minimal ethical behavior, a preacher or elder who finds that he does not support the mandate of the "founding fathers and mothers" of his church probably protected by law in the deed should not push "over the brink." No one will pass judgment upon one who insists they want to "worship" with instruments and leaves without sowing discord among brethren.

Again minimal morality would demand that rather than take over church property, those who disagree with the founding principles should exit and do the hard work needed to build their own institution.

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Madison Church of Christ, Nashville and musical discord.

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