Jubilee 99 May Deny the Atonement

Jubilee 99 speaks of "jubilate." Everyone likes to get away from the job God gave us and have some fun. Second, Jubilee speaks of liberation and we all just wish our oppressors would go away. Don't blame us for seeking Christ out in the desert. but He isn't there. He is, with His kingdom, in the human heart where change agents dare not go. A short page on the web declares that "Jesus will proclaim a Jubilee at His Coming." This is the magical appeal.

"Whatever form its social ramifications may have taken, the jubilee was, and remained, a religious affair, for the atonement of sin (see Lev. XXV, 9)."

Note: We have updated this article to address Jubilee 2000 which has as its theme: "They Cried To the Lord." There is always a Freudian slip in picking the themes of these meetings imitating the more militant "vineward" or Latter Rain.

The Jubilee carries many secret messages. First, it means, like the Catholic Jubilee and many pagan religions, if you come to the centray sanctuary and watch the rituals performed by the God manipulators the thrill you felt proved that the gods were no longer angry and you had your sins forgiven.

Next, Jubilee implies that people in the old "deliterious and decadent and rural" churches need some superior power to set them free.

Then, the "lands" or the church buildings are literally wrestled away from those who legally bought them and given to the new Jubilators. Those who paid the bills are out in the cold to meet in the high school gym.

This "restoration" of the first but incomplete "restoration" or second incarnation will be demonstrated in physical things even if Jesus said that His kingdom was in the heart and not of this world.

Only when the church has experience the second incarnation and has restored the physical kingdom is Christ even remotely competent to come and restore the spiritual kingdom.

"At the Jubilee, all the debts were canceled, all the slaves were set free, all the land returned to its rightful owner. This is a physical example of the spiritual truths that are fulfilled in Jesus Christ, and will be finished at His Second Coming. The debt of sin will be canceled, the slaves of sin will be set free, and the rulership of the earth will return to Jesus Christ and His Bride forever."

Jubilee's start on the Day of Atonement.

"(Atonement, AT-ONE-MENT, AT ONE WITH GOD, when God and humanity come together. When Jesus Christ returns for His Bride, there will be AT-ONE-MENT.)

"A Jubilee occurs every 50 years. The 6,000 years of man will exactly complete 120 Jubilees. The root 12 in the number 120 is significant in that the number 12 denotes a completion number for man. There were 12 children of Israel, creating 12 tribes of Israel; and 12 disciples of Jesus.

But didn't Jesus come to proclaim the final and effective Jubilee?

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, 2) to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, Isaiah 61:1-2 (NIV)

The premillenial theme is that not now but perhaps later. We have to travel to Nashville or Jerusalem to hope that the Lord Jesus Christ will finally do what He apparently failed to do the first time!

Describing Caneridge, Conkin notes that people look for external effects to prove the "at-one-ment" with God and the urge for the second incarnation in which Christ is resurrected just so that we might die with Him again ad a continuous form of Jubilee:

"Sinners dropping down on every hand, shrieking, groaning, crying for mercy, convoluted; professors of religion praying, agonizing, fainting, falling down in distress, for sinners, or in raptures of joy! Some singing, some shouting, clapping their hands, hugging and even kissing, laughing; others talking to the distressed, to one another, or to opposers of the work, and all this at once--no spectacle can recite a stronger sensation.

And with what is doing, the darkness of the night, the solemnity of the place, and of the occasion, and conscious guilt, all conspire to make terror thrill through every power of the soul, and rouse it to awful attention." (Letter quoted by Conkin, Cane Ridge, p. 93-94).

"Soon the sheer confusion practically subverted the outdoor preaching. Small groups joined in prayer or in loud hymn singing, with singing the most enjoyable group activity and the one that often most affected an audience... More conventional shouts and groans joined with a near babble of speech, some incoherent, some later distinguished as holy laughter or singing." (Conkin, p. 94).

"They do bear comparison to the ring shouts and dancing so often observed in black religious services, which were probably a survival of African religious practices. Indeed, black religion in the South may have had some influence on expected or sanctioned ways of giving bent to religious ecstasy at Cane Ridge.

"What the exercises revealed were religiously serious people who, in a powerfully suggestive environment, chose,

or were forced, to reenact the drama of Jesus' passion and the ever-recurring drama of their own tortured quest for salvation.

These mutually reinforcing dramas forced people toward experiential poles--on one hand the extreme of personal revulsion and self-doubt, on the other that of exaltation and joy." (Conkin, Cane Ridge, p. 104).

Shelly/Harris speak of the kingdom as in the fermenting process before Jesus came but it did not complete fermentation. Therefore, we must open the church to include even more foreign leaven so that it will ferment with exuberance. The history of all such movements show that in the end the new wine will exhilarate for a time but will then turn to vinegar. A common sign as an exhilarating worship service as the new wine ferments but becomes more toxic.

The Star of 2000 By Jay Gary

"Ed. Note: Because Tabernacles is encompassed by Jubilee, the celebrations in the two seem to become one in this statement. Even in the opening praises of the book, Eagle's Nest Pastor Clarice Fluitt declares,

"This is an incredibly prophetic book. Jay Gary has peered into the spirit realm and drawn from God's secret place. He declares that the church must prepare a celebration, a festival for, about and with Jesus, our honored guest and royal Bridegroom. The Star of 2000 is infused with a biblical revelation of fullness, sonship, maturity, and perfection of the glorious triumphant church - the Feast of Tabernacles. Read the book."

"The annual calendar of Israel was built around three major festivals: Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. These celebrations in Jerusalem were anything but boring. There was dancing, singing and exuberant celebration before the living God.

"The Year of Jubilee encompassed these three festivals, only raised to a higher power.

"The clear call of God across the millennia is that we are invited to come into His presence and feast on Him. "On the last and greatest day of the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus "stood and said in a loud voice, 'If anyone is thirsty, let him come and drink' (John 7:37). Then as well as today, Jesus calls us to experience His jubilee." ( Jay Gary JUBILEE, p. 84-85)

However, except for premillenialism and other Messianic groups, Christ came to fulfill these festivals. He is our Passover. Furthermore, Jesus refused to go to the Feast of Tabernacles until the outrages were over and perhaps he could teach. Those who had just finished their "jubilee" with singing, dancing, instrumental music, book fairs, pathetic sermons and poems, were on the prowl to find their Messiah! If we have experienced the Atonement we will simply not feel the need for someone to work miracles on us with wine out of the wineskin and musical women.

Rubel Shelly and Randy Harris deny that the Church is the full kingdom as it is to come. For the kingdom to come revivals such as Jubilee 98 must manufacture a new wineskin which will hold then now-fermenting kingdom and gospel. However,

"Tied up with this belief of a last-days revival and a great harvest of souls is the supposition that

the church will establish God's kingdom HERE ON EARTH.

According to those who promote this belief, after we take dominion of the earth again we are to set up righteous rulers and begin to prepare the kingdom so that Christ can return to earth again and rule the kingdom that WE have prepared for Him. Lee Grady "believes that God is establishing His Kingdom on earth THROUGH the diligent and gradual WORK OF THE GODLY...."(22) Thomas F. Reid declares: "We must make ready the world for Christ's coming. The Ayatollah could not return to Iran until his followers had sufficiently prepared for his return. In a profoundly deeper way, THE CHURCH MUST PREPARE THE EARTH FOR THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST." Yet another promoter of this Kingdom Now / Reconstructionist theory is Earl Paulk. He writes: "In Matthew 24:14, Jesus clearly says that

HE CANNOT RETURN for His Bride UNTIL she has demonstrated the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the nations of the earth.

Until the church can demonstrate the alternative Kingdom, JESUS CANNOT COME AGAIN.

God no longer has the authority to send Christ back to earth, because He will not circumvent His eternal plan. While no man knows the day or the hour, I can say with the authority of God that

CHRIST CANNOT AND WILL NOT COME BACK UNTIL we have demonstrated the Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations of the earth. That task demands a mature church, which will have become an alternative to the kingdoms of the world. That is what the church is all about and JESUS CHRIST'S RETURN IS UP TO US."(23)

Because the laughing exercises flow from the same mind manipulation as "bringing the worshiper into the presence of God" with musical facilitators (manipulators), the Jubilee 98 movement is closely in bed with Promise Keepers in hoping in vain that breaking down the walls will permit God to establish the kingdom because He was defeated by Satan the first time:

"To achieve this kingdom on earth, these proponents claim that we must all come together as one united whole. Herein lies the problem.

"Because denominational differences fade under the influence of the laughing phenomena,

it will be very useful in bringing about the restoration of a united Church as well as supplying the manpower to handle the coming harvest."(24)

In other words, the laughing revival will play a prominent role in uniting peoples of different faiths and religions to help bring in the one world church that the New Age movement is working for.

"Sadly, the laughing (Musical Worship Teams or manipulators) revival is leading us towards the one world religion

where Scriptural doctrines and beliefs are ignored for the sake of "unity."

"You probably already know that when sheep are lead to the slaughter, there is a goat (called a "Judas goat") that goes before them to lead them to their death. After the goat has guided them to their destination, he turns aside while the sheep blindly are led to destruction. I'm afraid that the so-called "Christian" leaders in many cases today are leading the people as sheep to the slaughter.

"Remember how the animals noises such as lions, eagles, oxens, etc. have been manifesting in the meetings? Also, as was mentioned in my last article, Rodney Howard-Browne calls himself the "Holy Ghost bartender" (from new wineskins) and claims he is serving "new wine." Charles and Frances Hunter refer to this as "'Joel's Bar' where the drinks are free and there is no hangover!" (28) Howard-Browne encourages people to: "Take another drink...the bar is open....Be filled! We loose the power! Have another drink!" (29) With all this in mind, listen to the words of Jeremiah:

"They shall ROAR TOGETHER LIKE LIONS: they shall yell as lions' whelps. In their heat I will make their feasts, and I will MAKE THEM DRUNKEN,

THAT THEY MAY REJOICE, and sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the LORD. I will BRING THEM DOWN LIKE LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER, like rams with he goats" (Jeremiah 51:38-40). This is an amazing prophecy when you consider what is taking place with the holy laughter movement.

"As Christians we should have no part in this movement. "Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch" (Matthew 15:14 ).

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Kenneth Sublett

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